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straw toppers and charms for Stanley cup

Custom Straw Toppers

Crafted from silicone or rubber PVC, these custom straw toppers serve as essential accessories for tumblers. The straw cap and lid, components that come in direct contact with the mouth, are meticulously crafted from food-grade materials, providing our consumers with the assurance of product safety. Completely customizable, we specialize in creating durable and stylish straw toppers available in an extensive array of colors and designs, presented in both 2D flat and 3D formats. This allows users to express their individual style through personalized straw covers.

16 Jan, 2024 Jin Sheu Marketing Team

Gallery of Tumbler Metal Charms & Chains

Stanley Straw Cover in Different Styles & Materials

These cute straw toppers or festive straw charms are typically molded into a single piece using food-grade silicone. This technique is suitable for both 2D and 3D designs but is especially great for fully cubic designs. Alternatively, we offer standard silicone straw lid fittings, allowing customers to integrate them with their rubber PVC designs by bonding them together. Straw toppers enhance the aesthetic appeal of your tumblers, ramblers, or mugs while also serving as functional and stylish additions to your beverage experience.

Custom Tumbler Charms & Chains

Custom tumbler charms and chains can be produced in various materials, including metal, rubber PVC, acrylic, etc. Metal charms crafted from brass, zinc alloy, and iron are specially featured here for their versatility. Whether in 2D, 3D, or fully cubic designs, they are attractive in various plating colors or color-filled enamels. Additionally, they can be adorned with rhinestones and glitters.

Specifications of Tumbler Straw Cover

  • Material: One-piece silicone molding or silicone back fitting with rubber PVC logo (Phthalate-free)
  • Color: Based on Pantone colors provided
  • Design: Custom logo in 2D flat or 3D
  • Optional accessories: Metal charms & chains with various plating and adorned with enamel, gem stones, or glitters
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