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Jin Sheu Lanyard Service Introduction

Jin Sheu Enterprise Co., Ltd. is Taiwan, China Lanyard supplier and manufacturer with more than 31 years experience. Since 1984, in the Gift and Premiums Industry, Jin Sheu has been offering our customers high quality Lanyard production service. With both advanced technology and 31 years experience, Jin Sheu always make sure to meet each customer's demand.

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  • Floating Wristband Key Holder
    Floating Wristband Key Holder
    PID: 5772

    A necessity when engaging in water sports activities, perfect for swimming, surfing, fishing, or even diving. Made of polyester fabric, the wristband is stuffed with a sponge inside. Comfortable and easy to slip onto your wrists or ankles, it floats on the water surface constantly so you can spot it easily if comes off by accident. Floating wristband strap is in bright colors, lightweight, high floatability, all these traits allow your keys to be visible and trackable with ease. Thickness and length can be customized with your logos silk screen printed. Floating wristband key holder is the right choice for your clients in the water sports industry.

  • Hot Glittering Gold stamping Lanyards
    Hot Glittering Gold stamping Lanyards
    PID: 5715

    When you are looking for the latest custom lanyard, this hot stamping lanyard is the best choice. Lanyard with glittering gold color stamped is always superior than conventional printed logos, laser glittering gold is unique and unforgettable and has been used in pop culture, various concerts and many recreational activities. Want to appeal to more customers, try our laser glittering gold stamped lanyards.

  • Hot Glittering Silver stamping Lanyards
    Hot Glittering Silver stamping Lanyards
    PID: 5737

    New Arrival! Let me show you the coolest lanyards. Custom ID lanyard made of hot glittering silver stamping. The glittering silver logo look fashionable and up to date, wearing our bling-bling colored lanyards makes you feel like a star. Want to impress your customers or target audiences, try our glittering silver hot stamped lanyards and leave good impression to the customers.

  • Hot Gold stamping Lanyards
    Hot Gold stamping Lanyards
    PID: 5738

    The ID lanyards with laser logo foil stamping is cutting- edge lanyard expression. We provide standard hot gold stamping logo which effect is stunning and outperform than regular silkscreen/ offset or heat transfer printing, because shiny logo is always striking and eye catching to the viewers. Lanyards with laser gold hot stamping is suitable to promote feminine products, pop culture, various concerts and many recreational activities.

  • Hot Silver stamping Lanyards
    Hot Silver stamping Lanyards
    PID: 5739

    Promotional ID lanyard with laser logo hot stamping is high end quality, the bright and shiny logos made by hot stamping is durable compared with normal silkscreen printing or offset printing, and the shiny logo always shows big contrast from the dark background lanyard. If you are looking for a lanyard with sparking logo, take our hot silver stamping lanyards as consideration. Let our cutting-edge lanyard be an active advertisement, promote your company or logos silently.

  • Silicone Cup Holder Lanyard
    Silicone Cup Holder Lanyard
    PID: 5395

    Cup holder lanyard is a great accessory to carry your cup hand-freely to hold your drink for party or drink event. Cup holder necklace is composed by silicone ring and lanyard. Silicone size and colors can be custom made and usually attached to polyester lanyard or dye sublimation lanyard which with custom logo printed.

  • Taipei 2017 Universiade pins
    Taipei 2017 Universiade pins
    PID: 5844

    Taipei 2017 Universiade pins’ supplier. Where is Taipei? Taipei is the educational, economic, political, and cultural center of Taiwan, and one of the major hubs of the Chinese-speaking world. Jin Sheu Ent. is honored to become one of the metal pin suppliers of the 2017 World Universiade (FISU) held in Taipei city. The sliding bear lapel pins is a very interesting theme for sports activities which make the pins more intriguing for the buyers. The bottom piece comes with a groove (track), and the front piece has a stud, you can create a movement, just slide the stud back and forth on the track. The pins are designed and inspired by the mascot of Formosan black bear which is named "Bravo". Design your own pins with sliding function for sport games, theme parts or special functions, we accept all kinds of custom designed souvenir orders. Contact us today.

  • Short Strap Reflective Lanyard with Carabiner
    Short Strap Reflective Lanyard with Carabiner
    PID: 4790

    This special short lanyard was made of polyester strap and pasted with reflective strap. Custom logo is printed on reflective lanyard directly with silkscreen printing. The reflective short strap high visibility at night, under dim light and in all weather conditions. It highlights the logo and gives it a fantastic safety feature at night.

Result 1 - 24 of 426