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Jin Sheu Patches Service Introduction

Jin Sheu Enterprise Co., Ltd. is Taiwan, China Patches supplier and manufacturer with more than 31 years experience. Since 1984, in the Gift and Premiums Industry, Jin Sheu has been offering our customers high quality Patches production service. With both advanced technology and 31 years experience, Jin Sheu always make sure to meet each customer's demand.

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  • Bullion Crest Patches
    Bullion Crest Patches
    PID: 657

    Bullion crests are used by elite clubs, military uniforms, golf clubs, fraternal groups, and other entity looking to have their logo radiate. Bullion crests give depth to the artwork through the use of gold and silver wire that are accurately arranged and stitched by hands. We offer custom blazer badges for Military, Police, Company, Coat of Arms, and even a Personalized Designed Clan badge for a family name. Each custom bullion badge is embroidered with great care to show all the detail that makes them stand out. Just send us a picture of what you want your badge to look like.

  • Custom Bullion Patches & Crest Patches
    Custom Bullion Patches & Crest Patches
    PID: 658

    Custom Bullion Patches is made of silk or polyester material. Such as Bullion Badge, Bullion Patch and Bullion Shoulder Boards. We can do the patches as your design, shape and color. Personalised Bullion Patches are great for military, police or any organization with a rank system. These bullion patches are made with high quality embroidery and can be made in any shape and design. Small quantity of 20pcs or 30pcs is acceptable.

  • Custom Bullion wire Embroidered Patches
    Custom Bullion wire Embroidered Patches
    PID: 659

    Custom Bullion Patches & Crest Patches. Bullion Patches are embroidered onto materials. Bullion patches can be sewn on to military uniform, blazer badges and any other army clothing. It is used by soldiers to identify themselves as part of an army or unit. Jin Sheu Bullion Patches are produced by using the finest quality raw material and advanced production technology. The patches are designed to be strikingly beautiful, even after washing and wearing, and are available in various shapes and sizes.

  • Promotional Bullions
    Promotional Bullions
    PID: 660

    Custom Bullion Patches by Jin Sheu. Bullion Patches are Custom embroidered patches with bullion fringe. Bullion Patches can be sewn or ironed on to the uniforms, bags and other articles of clothing. Bullion fringe is a series of gold or silver braids that are applied to patches in a criss-cross pattern. Bullion Patches are used as a form of military insignia. These badges are worn on the epaulettes or shoulders of uniforms, often in groups called rows. Order your own Custom Bullion Patches.

  • Bullions Manufacturer
    Bullions Manufacturer
    PID: 661

    Jin Sheu is a top military supply company which specializes in custom design and production of all military uniforms, gear, accessories and custom made orders. We have been the major supplier to all branches of the US Military for over 36 years, as well as to many other countries around the world. We pride ourselves for our efficient on time delivery and quality workmanship. Our products can be found in use by numerous government agencies and private security companies throughout the United States, as well as worldwide in Latin America, Iraq, Afghanistan and more.

  • custom made gold bullion patches
    custom made gold bullion patches
    PID: 4068

    Bullion Patches is a professional manufacturer of custom embroidered patches for military, police, and other uniformed groups. We offer high quality products with excellent service. We have invested in the latest automatic machines, so we can ensure excellent quality on all products. The bullion patch is a military uniform ornament that is worn on a jacket. Customize your jacket with bullion patches by selecting the shape and design of your choice. We have many kind of shapes and designs to choose from.

  • Custom bullion patches
    Custom bullion patches
    PID: 4069

    Custom made gold bullion patches. Gold and silver bullion threads available with no additional cost. Jin Sheu is the largest supplier of custom bullion patches on the internet. Our custom-made blazer badges are one of a kind and crafted with superior quality fabrics, including wool, twill and denim. We have a wide range of embroidered badges that include military patches, sports patches, corporate patches and more. Custom shapes and designs welcome.

  • Buy Gold Bullions Manufacturer
    Buy Gold Bullions Manufacturer
    PID: 4071

    Promotional Embroidery Bullions. Jin Sheu is one of the leading company in manufacturing custom blazer badges for Military. We offer custom embroidery in all types of designs, from full custom to stock options. Our top notch customer service is what sets us apart from the rest. Bullion Crests is a manufacturer and wholesaler of custom blazer badges for military,sports teams, school uniforms,club patches and other blazer badges. Gold and silver bullion threads available with no additional cost. We understand your issues as we have been in this field for more than 30 years.

  • Promotional Embroidery Bullions
    Promotional Embroidery Bullions
    PID: 4074

    Custom Embroidered Bullion wire Blazer Badges. We are proud to be a part of your journey. Our sole purpose is to provide you with the highest quality custom crest patches and badges possible, the fastest turnaround time, and a level of customer service that will keep bringing you back. Jin Sheu is a military blazer badges supplier and custom badges manufacturer. We offer bullion badges, bullion crests, bullion patches and gold and silver bullion threads with no additional cost. We provide best quality products, cheap price and great customer service!

  • Custom Logo Bullion Embroidery Patch
    Custom Logo Bullion Embroidery Patch
    PID: 4091

    Custom made Royal Crown Bullion Embroidered Blazer Crest Patch. Our bullion crest patches are crafted with the highest quality military grade thread and Bullion. We offer a complete line of custom crest patches, including every branch of service, all available in your choice of thread color, thread color and Bullion choice. We can make any crest patch you need with no additional charge. Whether you have an old crest patch you want to replace or one you have already designed we can produce it for you.

  • Custom Made Bullion Crest
    Custom Made Bullion Crest
    PID: 4098

    Jin Sheu offer Custom Luxury Bullion Embroidered For USA Client. Our Bullion Crests are made with the highest quality materials in the USA. We have over ten years of experience in making custom badges and emblems using high quality bullion threads and epoxy based materials. We promise not to let you down and make sure that you enjoy your custom blazer badges for Military and other products purchased from us. Since we understand your issues, we take care of all our customers' needs promptly.

  • Embroidery Political Logo Patch Supplier
    Embroidery Political Logo Patch Supplier
    PID: 4105

    Custom Made Handmade Bullion Cap Badges. Jin Sheu has almost 36 years experience in custom blazer badges for Military and faith based organizations,we understand your issues,we have all type of Bullion Crests and Bullion Patches available with no additional cost. A Bullion Crest is an ornamental embroidered insignia worn on the official headdress of many military and civil uniform caps. It is sometimes called an eagle or cockade when used on military headdress. Order your own Bullion Cap Badges.

  • Blazer Badges Factory
    Blazer Badges Factory
    PID: 4110

    Specializing in Custom Luxury Bullion Embroidered Patch,Blazer Patches and patches with custom logo embroidery on the back. We are a professional patch maker with more than 36-years experience. Our service is prompt and reliable. We are the factory of embroidered patches, we can make the custom patch according to your requirements. Jin Sheu is a professional Custom Luxury Bullion Embroidered Patch manufacturer and supplier. We have rich experience in embroidery patches manufacturing, welcome to wholesale custom luxury bullion embroidered patches from us.

  • Embroidery Bullion Patch Supplier
    Embroidery Bullion Patch Supplier
    PID: 4118

    Custom military Blazer Bullion Patch. Jin Sheu is a company that specializes in custom embroidered patches. We have over 36 years experience in manufacturing patch badges, embroidered patches, emblems and badges. Our factory has passed Disney & FAMA approved system. Our Blazer Patches are very popular in school jackets, sports teams and military units. They are also very famous in motorcycle club and other names. If you're looking for Custom Luxury Bullion Embroidered Patch, just let us know what your design is you want on it to make a sample for your approval.

  • Promotional Blazer Bullion Patch
    Promotional Blazer Bullion Patch
    PID: 4123

    Custom Embroidered Bullion wire Blazer Badges Pocket Crests. Jin Sheu can supply you with quality custom embroidered patches. Our factory is Disney and FAMA approved. We are a professional manufacturer of both garment patches and embroidered patches. We have specialized in producing custom garment and embroidered patches for many years, and we can ensure that our customized embroidery patches will meet your budget . We can produce embroidered patches, heat transfer patches and iron-on patches according to your requirements as well as the size, material, quantity and other specifications.

  • Personalized Blazer Pocket Badge
    Personalized Blazer Pocket Badge
    PID: 4128

    Custom Royal Crown Bullion Patches. Jin Sheu has been specialized in producing luxury bullion patches for long years. Jin Sheu is a Disney & FAMA approved factory.We are specialized in Custom Luxury Bullion Embroidered Patch. We can make the patch according to your design and size, the price of our patches is very reasonable. And we have strong sales team, they can make the quotation quickly and accurately according to your requirements, help you make the right purchasing decision. Order your own military Bullion Patches.

  • Hand Embroidered Bullion Patches
    Hand Embroidered Bullion Patches
    PID: 4130

    Custom Bullion Wire Embroidered Badges. Jin Sheu is a team of professional and experienced embroidery patch manufacturer in China, who is committed to providing high quality products and services for customers. Our main business involves manufacturing luxury Embroidered Patches, Custom Patch, sew on patches, embroidery patches. We have more than 36 years experience in the field of custom patch making, we export our products to Europe and North America market.

  • Embroidery Textile Patches
    Embroidery Textile Patches
    PID: 4132

    Luxury Fashion Handmade Gold/Silver Crest. Jin Sheu is a Disney & FAMA approved factory. we are experienced in embroidered patches for almost 36 years. We have our own sales team to ensure that you can receive the most satisfying services before and after sales. Welcome to send us your logo for FREE sampling and quotation. The bullion badges are made of high quality materials,and have the feature of environmental protection,light weight,easy to wear.The bullion badges can be customized in different shapes and logo.

  • Custom Blazer Patch Embroidery
    Custom Blazer Patch Embroidery
    PID: 4136

    Custom Bullion Badge in Militaria Badges. We can do different shapes and designs per customer's requirement. Our factory is with rich experience to make the custom bullion badges as per customer's requirement, We can supply high quality products with low MOQ. Jin Sheu is specialized in producing all kinds of badges, including metal badges, embroidery badges, foil badges, decoration badges and so on. These Bullion Badges are made of high quality material, low MOQ. Suitable for company promotion and personal collection.

  • Customized Military Patches
    Customized Military Patches
    PID: 4150

    Custom Bullion Wire Embroidered Badges. Our bullion badges are made of fine gold and silver wire, which could be customized in various shapes, sizes and colors to meet your requirements. As a leading manufacturer and supplier, we can offer you low price and fast delivery. Jin Sheu has been in the business of manufacturing bullion badges for several years, and we are welcomed by our loyal customers at home and abroad. We also accept OEM projects, welcome to contact us without any hesitation!

  • Wire Bullion Patches
    Wire Bullion Patches
    PID: 4152

    Custom Wire Bullion Patches with LOGO. We were specialized in the production of customized bullion badges since our establishment. Our products are made of high quality materials and they are popular among our clients as well. Jin Sheu is a Disney & FAMA approved factory and an official supplier of Disney. Jin Sheu has an experienced team of sales personnel who are highly trained and dedicated to providing the most effective service for our customers.

  • Fashion Embroidery Bullion Patches
    Fashion Embroidery Bullion Patches
    PID: 4153

    Custom Embroidery Bullion Patches. Bullion badges are made from gold and silver wire. The bullion badges are manufactured by Jin Sheu patches, which is one of the Disney and FAMA approved factories in China. Jin Sheu has a strong sales team to help customers deal with any issues or inquiries. The team will provide you with professional consulting to know what kind of products you want to sell at your stores. Just send us a picture of what you want your badge to look like.

  • Bullion Woven Patch Factory
    Bullion Woven Patch Factory
    PID: 4154

    Custom Bullion Woven Patch Factory. High quality gold, silver, bullion badges with competitive price. If you're looking for some new rewards or gifts to bestow upon your volunteers, students or employees, this is the place! We have a wide range of designs and custom shapes are welcome. Bullion Badges are made from gold and silver wire in the shape of your design. If you do not have any designs, we can help you to choose a design for your badges. The badges can be used as a keychain or badges for bags, clothes and so on. We can also make it into different shapes according to your requirement.

  • Personalized Bullion Embroidery Patch
    Personalized Bullion Embroidery Patch
    PID: 4156

    Custom Bullion Military Patch. Jin Sheu Jewellery Co., Ltd. is dedicated to offering gold and silver bullion patches. We manufacture the products in-house so we can guarantee the high quality of each product. Our goal is to provide you with a custom service. Our experienced staff will help you design a unique bullion patches that will be treasured for years to come. Jin Sheu is a world-class manufacturer of bullion patches that have gained acceptance from the Disney Company, FAMA, and other major customers.

Result 1 - 24 of 332