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Jin Sheu Embroidery Patches Service Introduction

Jin Sheu Enterprise Co., Ltd. is Taiwan, China Embroidery Patches supplier and manufacturer with more than 31 years experience. Since 1984, in the Gift and Premiums Industry, Jin Sheu has been offering our customers high quality Embroidery Patches production service. With both advanced technology and 31 years experience, Jin Sheu always make sure to meet each customer's demand.

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    PID: 6853

    Embroidery is a traditional technique producing beautiful results. The letter S and I are embroidered in a matter that the details are in 3D. It is more eye catching than the traditional flat embroidery. These custom patches are perfect for clothing, jackets, uniforms, duffle bags, or any other decorations. Custom embroidered patches are a unique way to highlight your brand or company logo or special event or promotion. Jin Sheu offers beautiful, professional and durable patches available to everyone at affordable prices. All of our patches are manufactured in our own factories. No matter 100% embroidered or 3D cubic, with sequin adorned or with luminous effects, with silkscreen printing or heat transfer printing, we will create your designs with satisfactory guaranteed. Contact us for more information regarding next design.

  • Private Patch
    Private Patch
    PID: 6060

    Over 34 years' experience in army private patch. Jin sheu produces custom rank chevrons, the army unit patches are sold in the US, Europe, Rothco Army, Japan and Australia. The military rank patch usually used on the enlisted soldier. Private (PVT) is the lowest enlisted rank in the United States Army hierarchy and is the entry-level rank for trainees beginning Basic Combat Training (BCT). Embroidery private patch is an inverted V-shaped pattern. The Small Rank Patch can be sewn on or ironed on to clothing such as military denim or army leather jackets, men's Vests, hats, backpacks, shirts. One-stop embroidery patch supplier for rank chevrons. Cheap custom embroidery patch, a factory with more than 500 skilled workers. Welcome to order embroidery patch directly from China embroidered patch Suppliers "Jin Sheu"

  • Corporal Patch
    Corporal Patch
    PID: 6061

    Custom corporal rank chevrons. Corporal is a military army rank in use in some form by many country militaries and by some police forces or other uniformed organizations. In some militaries, the rank of corporal nominally corresponds to commanding a section or squad of soldiers. This corporal stripes badge is typically worn on the sleeve of a British Army Uniform. We offer a comprehensive line of custom insignia and patches for military, army, special units, law enforcement, chaplains, security, EMS and fire services. Virtually all our custom rank patches and insignia are sold at competitive prices. Contact us today for custom security guard corporal rank chevrons patch.

  • Sergeant Embroidery Patches
    Sergeant Embroidery Patches
    PID: 6062

    Jin Sheu offers custom sergeant patches. Every patch that is earned or worn represents significant moments in a soldier's career. Custom embroidered sergeant patch, also known as a cloth sergeant badge, is a piece of embroidery which is created by using a fabric backing and logos made by thread. Looking for custom Patches? We produce custom sergeant chevron patch, such as red on black police sergeant chevron patches, sergeant detective police security chevrons stripes patch...etc. We manufacture custom patches at the lowest price for the Military, Navy, Army, Air Force, Marines, and National Guard. We're the best in the business. High-speed, computerized machines have led to mass production. High Quality for iron-on or sewing. Place your custom order for custom embroidered patches, army patches, military patches, military unit patches.

  • Reversible Sequin Embroidery Patches
    Reversible Sequin Embroidery Patches
    PID: 6085

    Reversible Sequins, double face two tone sequins shift dynamically to your touch on both side, a magic shapes was able to change its design with a slide of the hand, which can be a perfect decoration for your T-shirt, evening dress design, bikini, purse or backpack and so on. Simple flip the sequins in one direction, you will see different colors or different designs.

  • Custom Embroidered Boy Scout Jamboree Patches
    Custom Embroidered Boy Scout Jamboree Patches
    PID: 686

    The set of National Boy Scout Jamboree Patch usually includes five (more or less) unique embroidery shoulder patches around a central embroidered patch. These patches can be made of embroidery way or woven type and backside can be iron on, double adhesive tape or saw on. Custom embroidery patch can decorate your bag, jacket, purse, jeans, blanket, shirt, sweatshirt etc. Jin Sheu is proficient in manufacturing all the Boy Scout stuffs, such as embroidery patches, neckerchief with embroidered or printed logos, lapel pins and bolo ties. Now order custom embroidery or woven patches for your troops, teams, council from Jin Sheu!

  • Custom Button Loop Scout Patch
    Custom Button Loop Scout Patch
    PID: 687

    Since the Boy Scouts of America are only permitted to wear certain embroidered patches on their uniforms, add button loop on the scout patch has become a trend! Custom scout patch with button loop allows Scouts to easily hang their emblem from uniform pocket, and also treasure their patches that commemorate events they participated in by hanging the patches up using the button loop. Over the last 30+ years, Jin Sheu has been making custom designed Boy Scout patches for USA, Canada and UK, helping them establish good reputation of quality scout patches. Contact with Jin Sheu if you are expecting quality embroidery patches with friendly prices.

  • Customized Embroidery Patches
    Customized Embroidery Patches
    PID: 710

    Jin Sheu has been serving customers all over the world since 1991, we produce 1.5 million pieces embroidered patches per month with lead time from 7 days for urgent orders or 14 days for regular orders. With 40 automated embroidered machines, we are able to offer you a full range of options to complement the look, design and function of your badge. With our unique digitizing system, Tajima machines always offer accurate and consistent quality assured in your every order. Send your inquiries with logo, size, color and quantity confirmed, we can quote you price within hours or prepare the layout (artwork) for your approval once order is confirmed.

  • Personalized Embroidery Patches
    Personalized Embroidery Patches
    PID: 711

    IT~ IS~ FOOTBALL TIME! Don't we all love football game? It is most exciting time of the year when game starts. Beside watching TV and drinking beer, you can show more of your love to your favorite team, sew their name on your cloth! This patch can come with iron on back that can easily attach to your cloth. Or you can change to Velcro backing, to attach them on bags. Not enough?! Order adhesive tape and they become sticker to stick all your belongs!

  • Promotional Embroidery Patches
    Promotional Embroidery Patches
    PID: 712

    In the era of advertising, everyone is seeking unique and innovative ideas to promote their business. Promotional embroidery patches are still sought after for business development in spite of its conventional style. Embroidered patches are the multiple combination of affordability, durability and design possibility with hundreds of colors to match your logo or sketch. Maximize brand exposure with our embroidery patches.

  • Embroidery Patches Manufacturer
    Embroidery Patches Manufacturer
    PID: 713

    We are the sophisticated manufacturer for embroidery patches since 1984. With complete modern machineries, sufficient manpower and skillful workers, we can effectively turn your creative designs into a fashion-quality embroidery patches. We provide several kinds of fabric for options, such as twill, felt, velvet, chenille, and 3M reflective material, as to color threads, there are over hundreds at your disposal, once you have clear spec. of your patches, just send your design with quantity & colors stated, leave the rest for Jin Sheu.

  • Custom Embroidery Patches
    Custom Embroidery Patches
    PID: 4434

    Why choose an embroidery patch ? We sales lots of metal badges and they look Wonderful, but they need to be removed whenever you want to wash your cloth. If making the badge too big, cloth shape will deform because of the weight. With clutch pin, a lapel pin will leave a hole your cloth. None of these will happen when using an embroidery patch, it is light weight, colorful, and it can just iron on top of the cloth, not damage it is structure. It is the best solution for you.

  • Iron On Embroidery Patches
    Iron On Embroidery Patches
    PID: 4435

    Embroidery patch is a classic way to showcase your company name, logo or the slogan, and iron on patch is the easiest way to attach it on clothes. Any household iron with temperature of 302°F can melt the adhesive glue and stick patches on clothes easily and firmly. Jin Sheu made iron on embroidery patches are resilient to washing and vibrant color stitches won't fade off. It is a fantastic item for boosting your companies, sport teams, activities....etc. Contact us if you have any question before ordering.

  • Garment Embroidery Patches
    Garment Embroidery Patches
    PID: 4436

    Uniform is a great symbolic to show you men and ladies are a group of people, an association, or a company, but buying custom made uniform for all body shape is not an easy task when the group is not big. There often MOQ for each size you want to order. Embroidery patch can get the same result, but much cheaper price. Have every one wear same color of cloths like a black shirt and attached the patch at the chest area, you get the customize uniform. It is so simple, just contact us today and get your uniform today.

  • Customized Embroidery Patches
    Customized Embroidery Patches
    PID: 4441

    If you are supporting any organization, groups, events or teams, and social activities, customized embroidery patches will be the ideal commemorative accessory for your theme and style statement. For professional workers, police officers, scout troops, military squads, and sports teams, these embroidery patches will be formal decorative accessories to the uniforms and outfits. We are the specialist providing custom made embroidery patches. Contact us for more details.

  • Embroidery Patches for Clothes
    Embroidery Patches for Clothes
    PID: 4445

    Jin Sheu is the professional embroidery patch manufacturer for dozens of years and we trump the other competitors not only the high quality, affordable prices and prompt delivery time, but also the services including enjoyable communication, free artwork for approval, competitive shipping cost and after service. We keep updating our facilities and launching trendy or fashion patches such as Holographic Patches/ Sequin Patches/ 3D Puff Patches and Dye Sublimation Patches, almost the trendy patches can be covered by Jin Sheu.

  • Patches for Clothes
    Patches for Clothes
    PID: 4447

    Bring your cloth new life! We all have a white shirt we love, but because we wear it so much, there is a stain that refuse to go away. Here comes our patch to help! Ta-da! By simply attach the patch on the stain part, you make your shirt good as new again. With 252 different colors, we can do whatever design you want, and the process attach on cloth is so easy by iron on. Como on and order your own patch!

  • Embroidery Applique
    Embroidery Applique
    PID: 4449

    Jingle Bell~Jingle Bell~ Jingle all the way~ Embroidery is a great way to add colors to your holidays, not only Christmas but for ALL holidays- Easter, Saint Patrick, Halloween…. Don't you feel it is cute to wear a pumpkin on your cloth when it is Thanks Giving time? It is a great way to share your greeting to your staffs and clients, they surely will be surprised! Get your own personalize embroidery applique now!

  • Embroidery Ptches with Heat Cut Border
    Embroidery Ptches with Heat Cut Border
    PID: 4451

    Jin Sheu's thoughtful design and quality will leave a great impression on your patch. From Military Patches, Police Patches, Fire Department Patches, Security Service Patches to everything in between. We are here to make the process of ordering your patches as easy, fast and enjoyable as possible. With different kinds of options on fabric backgrounds, borders, backing and color threads, we are sure any of your designs can be fulfilled exactly as your drawings.

  • Embroidered Patch Manufacturer
    Embroidered Patch Manufacturer
    PID: 4456

    An embroidered patch can be a classic symbol of your club or organization. It can also express your personality and style. Jin Sheu has been a leading embroidered patch manufacturer since 1984, and our capacity is about 2 million patches per month. We have excellent skills and adequate equipment to finish your order in short time. Contact us today to make your own patch!

  • Iron On Embroidery Patches
    Iron On Embroidery Patches
    PID: 4458

    Embroidered iron-on patch is a great way to adorn your clothing, hats and bags in a quirky and fun way. With our unique digitizing techniques and Tajima machines, we can guarantee accurate and excellent quality of your every order. We aim to offer rapid turnaround times, fair pricing, and low minimum quantity orders for every custom patch project you create with us.

  • Embroidery School Patches
    Embroidery School Patches
    PID: 4459

    This awesomely detailed embroidery patch is a great way to show the spirit of school associations that will spread your brand and raise awareness for what you do. It can be sewn on, iron on or attached with velcro backing, ideally for adorning your uniforms, jeans, hats, bags, jackets and shirts. Consult Jin Sheu to customize your stylish school patches right away!

  • Harley Davidson Patches
    Harley Davidson Patches
    PID: 4460

    High thread count embroidery contributes to high quality and long lasting durability of our superior patches! Our Harley Davidson patches is made of valvet fabric with 100% embroidery coverage. High density threads contribute to relief logo effect which is more attractive. Jin Sheu's patches are created for easy sewing or iron onto your favorite jacket or vest. Only few seconds you can DIY your own style garments. It would be a wonderful addition to your collection.

  • Embroidery Emblem
    Embroidery Emblem
    PID: 4461

    Jin Sheu is specialized in manufacturing military embroidery embelms. With 100% superb quality detailed embroidery, it's more durable and no fading. Our designers will review your own artwork for embroidery emblems and make suggestions. As to, the best way to apply customized embroidery applique patterns and lettering for your order.

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