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Jin Sheu Challenge Coins Service Introduction

Jin Sheu Enterprise Co., Ltd. is Taiwan, China Challenge Coins supplier and manufacturer with more than 31 years experience. Since 1984, in the Gift and Premiums Industry, Jin Sheu has been offering our customers high quality Challenge Coins production service. With both advanced technology and 31 years experience, Jin Sheu always make sure to meet each customer's demand.

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  • PVC Pouch for Challenge Coins
    PVC Pouch for Challenge Coins
    PID: 56

    There are various ways that we have packed challenge coins for our customers, such as acrylic coin capsule, velvet bag, deluxe velvet box and PVC envelope bag or PVC pouch. Among all these packages, PVC pouch or PVC envelope bag is the most recommended way for custom challenge coins, as it provides basic protection, convenient for open and storage and you can insert printed card with your company info added, with economical cost feature, PVC challenge coin pouches have been the most favorable package for souvenir coins, military coins and challenge coins. We offer single side and double sides PVC bags for souvenir coins, which can fit the coin with size dia. from 1.5”, 1.56”, 1.75”, 2” up to 2.5”. Feel free to drop an inquiry to us for further details.

  • Diamond Cut Border
    Diamond Cut Border
    PID: 59

    Founded in 1994, our metal factory specializes in custom challenge coins for military, government agencies, organizations, retailers and corporations worldwide. There are 9 patterns of coin edges for options. (Curve Wave Pattern; Diagonal Pattern; Diamond Line; Flat Wave Pattern; Grid Pattern; Oblique Line; Petal Pattern; Rope Line Pattern; Scale Pattern). These delicate pattern can be utilized on both brass and zinc alloy coins. Please check the video below on the diamond cut process and also the photo below for edge patterns. For more information about your custom challenge coins, please contact Jin Sheu today!

  • Mirror Coins
    Mirror Coins
    PID: 71

    Die struck brass coins can depict complicated designs and motifs, colors can be soft enamel or imitation hard enamel, finishing is alternative in bright finishing, matte (antique brass, antique silver or antique copper) or two tone finishing (gold and nickel). Brass coins, more solid and heavier than zinc alloy coins, always make clear and brisk sound while colliding with other coins. Challenge coins have been used as a way to honor, encourage, and reward individuals for their personal and professional accomplishments. Group members are encouraged to carry their challenge coins at all times as a symbol of loyalty (and to be on the receiving end of a challenge). Our China factory has made millions of coins and received countless compliments from customers.

  • Two Tone Challenge coins
    Two Tone Challenge coins
    PID: 72

    Historically, challenge coins were presented by unit commanders in recognition of special achievement by a member of the unit. They are also exchanged in recognition of visits to an organization. Modern day challenge coins feature popular culture attributes. This type of two tone finished along with mirror effect chanllenge coins have been popular these days.

  • Silver Plated Proof Coins
    Silver Plated Proof Coins
    PID: 75

    APMEX, Inc. Headquartered in Oklahoma City, Okla., is the world's largest online retailer of precious metals. It was great pleasure having this piece produced on their behalf, branding APMEX as part of the design that says it all out loud and be pround of their contribrition for what they've achieved all the years. This is one of million examples of proof coins we've manufacturered. Start designing your one and only proof coin as recognition for your empolyees's work and supporters or sponsers.

  • Mirror Effect Souvenir Coins
    Mirror Effect Souvenir Coins
    PID: 77

    A proof coin is made with a specially polished and treated die! By treating the die in a special way, the coins it produces have a different appearance. Modern technology allows the high points on the coin design to be acid treated (on the die). The background (field) design of the coin die is polished, resulting in a mirror-like look on the coin it strikes. This gives the finished coin a frosted look (frosting) on the raise parts of the design, with a mirror like finish on the background. This contrasting finish is often called "cameo".

  • Souvenir Proof Coins
    Souvenir Proof Coins
    PID: 2947

    The coin dies used to strike proof coins are specifically manufactured to bring out the most minute details of the design. Since the raised area of a coin is recessed into the coin die, the field is the highest surface of the die. This process allows our technicians to impart a frosted surface into the recessed areas of the die and then polish the surface of the field. When the specially prepared tooling is struck with the proof die, the devices will be frosted, and the field will appear mirror-like qualities.

  • Custom Made Proof Coins
    Custom Made Proof Coins
    PID: 79

    This industry continues to raise the bar on combining the art and technic of coin manufacturing. Today, collectors can find groundbreaking designs and effects including: Multiple colours, holograms, unique shapes, crystal elements, and gem inserts or high relief—with the raised design high above the background of a coin. This coin we are presenting for its unique relief details in shiny gold metal finish.

  • Mirro Effect Coins
    Mirro Effect Coins
    PID: 2949

    A note about proof finish – our highest quality finish For our mirror finshed coins, the field (flat background) has a highly hand polished mirror-like finish and the relief (raised foreground) incorporates the use of different finishes which beautifully accentuate the design. The machine dies used to strike these coins have been polished with extra cares to ensure that the exquisite details are maintained during striking. Each coin has been individually and delicately hand fed into and out of the coining press. All of these coins are double struck at lower striking speeds, giving higher definition and contrast between the field and the relief.

  • Commemoratory Proof Coins
    Commemoratory Proof Coins
    PID: 2950

    Proof coin nowadays often struck in greater numbers specially for coin collector. Preparation of a proof striking usually involved polishing of the dies. They can usually be distinguished from normal circulation coins by their sharper rims and design, as well as much smoother fields. The dies for making modern proof coins are often treated with chemicals to make certain parts of the design with a frosted appearance and the polishing to make raised part of the die shiny/ smooth, after stamping, the coins will show the contrasting of shiny and matte finishing.

  • Souvenir Proof Coins
    Souvenir Proof Coins
    PID: 2951

    Another proof coin that we have been given the honor to produce - the Penglai Pavilion proof coin. Penglai Pavilion and Yellow Crane Tower, Yueyang Tower and Tengwang Pavilion are also known as "China's Four Famous Buildings". Penglai Pavilion is also known as the Eight Immortals and the Rage Building in the city. It was great privilege to produce a master piece like this job we've ever done.

  • Chinese Auspicious Coin
    Chinese Auspicious Coin
    PID: 2952

    "YEAR OF SNAKE" commemorative coin, one of 12 Chinese zodiac coin that we were honored to have it produced in year of 2013. The outstanding characteristics of snakes are their remarkable agility, adaptive factors, and ability to survive. Because the snake comes immediately after the dragon in the Chinese Zodiac order and its contour is similar to that of the dragon, it is often called the ' little dragon'. It's one of the most symblic signs to be produced as proof coin which shows the best in details and value.

  • Mirror Effect Coins
    Mirror Effect Coins
    PID: 2953

    Every coin can be seen as precious for a host of reasons: not just for its composition, but for encapsulating a piece of history, an expression of work culture, or recognition of contribution or service to your country. Beyond the surface—that's what gives our coins real value. Although there are different metals can express mirro effect, the best material we recommond is brass material. Send your inquiries with logos attahced, let Jin Sheu sales team walk you through

  • US Marshal Coins
    US Marshal Coins
    PID: 2945

    We are specialized manufacturing custom challenge coins for corporatoins, organizations, government agencies in the worldwide. Custom designs welcome only. Double sides with motifs, 2D flat or 3D cubic. MOQ is 100pcs per design for both brass and zinc alloy material. Colors can be soft enamel, imitation hard enamel or no colors. Finishing can be shiny, matte, antiqued or mirrow effects. Always with 3 sides polishing.

  • Military Coins
    Military Coins
    PID: 3001

    Compared with zinc alloy coins, stamped brass coins are heaiver to raise the artistic quality. Common sizes for military coins are 38mm, 42mm, 45mm & 50mm and each size with standard thickness if there is no special request. All the coins offered from Jin Sheu with front, back and edge polished. Various metal finish colors are applicable, can be adorned with enamel color or without.

  • Two Tones Plating Coins
    Two Tones Plating Coins
    PID: 3006

    Spin cast zinc alloy coins can depict fully cubic motifs or the coins designed with empty spaces, colors can be soft enamel or imitation hard enamel, finishing is alternative in bright finishing, matte (antique brass, antique silver or antique copper) or two tone finishing (gold and nickel). Zinc alloy coins compared with brass coins is more cost effective and lighter in weight. Challenge coins have been used as a way to honor, encourage, and reward individuals for their personal and professional accomplishments. Group members are encouraged to carry their challenge coins at all times as a symbol of loyalty (and to be on the receiving end of a challenge). Our China factory has made millions of coins and received countless compliments from customers.

  • Enamel Challenge Coins
    Enamel Challenge Coins
    PID: 60

    Challenge coins can be made of brass material as well as zinc alloy meterial, both material coins can be filled with soft enamel, imitation hard enamel colors or with no colors. Finishing color can be shiny bright, matte or antique finishing. Generally speaking, brass coins are heavier weight than zinc alloy coins which can be represented high value of the units, cooperations or organizations.

  • Die Struck Challenge Coins
    Die Struck Challenge Coins
    PID: 66

    Custom made Challenge coin is a good choice to represent the value of the units, goverment agencies or cooperations. No matter what kind of coin design you have in minds or you are looking to have made Jin Sheu has you covered. We have proudly supplied challenge coins at low factory-direct prices to all branches of the US military - Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard. We have also helped design and make thousands of challenge coins for dedicated public servants around the world.

  • Sports Souvenir Coins
    Sports Souvenir Coins
    PID: 67

    Souvenir coins are the perfect way to show pride and appeciation for anything wordwide including sport events. If your coin design is 2D flat, you can choose imitation hard enamel colors, soft enamel color or not any colors; if the coin logos are 3D cubic, soft enamel color or no colors are greatly recommended for better production. If needed, consecutive numbers or different titles or personal names are available through laser engraving.

  • Antique Finish Coins
    Antique Finish Coins
    PID: 68

    For die struck Brass coin with 3D sophisticated designs, using CNC to generate 3D artwork for customers' approval and then engrave molds with CNC machines is workable. When the coin design without any enamel color filled, we will suggest antique finish or matte finish to come out the significant details.Antique finish include antique gold, antique silver, antique bronze and antique copper, costs of each finishing are different.

  • Police Officer Memorial Coins
    Police Officer Memorial Coins
    PID: 69

    This police officer memorial coins are made of die struck brass material with imitation hard enamel colors, also stress the 2-tone plating. Although price is much higher than regular soft enamel colored coins, our die struck brass coins address higher quality, heivier weight and two tone finishing, the most sophisticated procedure which a lot of factories have troubles to complete it or maintain high end quality.

  • Custom Commemorative Coin
    Custom Commemorative Coin
    PID: 2942

    Commemorative coins are popular not just among coin collectors, but with corporations, organizations, and associations too. Commemorating events with coins are one of the best ways to ensure the continued memory of a particular event or occasion. Recognizing a company anniversary, achievement or a public figure is what we do best. We are good at producing all kinds of commemorative coins, with colors or without, with plain edge or with coin edges, with 2D or with 3D, we are the coin experts.

  • Metal Coins With Diamond Cut Edges
    Metal Coins With Diamond Cut Edges
    PID: 2944

    Diamond cut edges are commonly seen on military Coins, we provide 9 different patterns for options. Although unit price will be more expensive, it brings your coins to another level. Diamond cut edges made on brass coin are quite different from zinc alloy material because of different production procedures. If you see the edge color is the same tone as the center coin, it is zinc alloy material because we do the plating after cutting; if you find the diamond cut edge is different finishing color from the center coin, they are brass coins becuase we do cutting after electroplating.

  • Die Struk Brass Coin
    Die Struk Brass Coin
    PID: 2946

    Die struck Brass is the most popular option for commemorative coins, with heaiver in weight to show the value of the coin. Not only can promote pride to the menbers, but can be as a valuable marketing tool. Jin Sheu is able to recreate your brand logo, significant symbol or text in stunning detail if needed.

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