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Jin Sheu Medal Service Introduction

Jin Sheu Enterprise Co., Ltd. is Taiwan, China Medal supplier and manufacturer with more than 31 years experience. Since 1984, in the Gift and Premiums Industry, Jin Sheu has been offering our customers high quality Medal production service. With both advanced technology and 31 years experience, Jin Sheu always make sure to meet each customer's demand.

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  • Custom Kids PVC Medals
    Custom Kids PVC Medals
    PID: 6384

    Soft PVC is a perfect material for kids’ medal, suitable for all types of events and competitions whether academic or sports. Our kids PVC medals come in variety of colours and sizes, 2D or 3D, thick or thin, with printing or without printing, all by custom designs. Ribbon attached can be polyester, nylon or satin material with silkscreen printing or dye sublimation printing.

  • Custom Made Rubber PVC Medals
    Custom Made Rubber PVC Medals
    PID: 6385

    Herbalife Nutrition PVC medals are made for Taiwan Herbalife 23rd Anniversary. It is a souvenir medal for participant who completes the fun run. Herbalife designed this medals with a lot of ingenuity, it is two-colored layer PVC with dual functions, all the tiny details of years and letters are made with silkscreen printing. Neck ribbon strap is polyester material with heat transfer printing. It is a medal as well as a luggage tag, you can write your name and address on the backside. Contact with Jin Sheu for PVC medals if you next activity is for children or teenagers.

  • Children’s PVC Medals
    Children’s PVC Medals
    PID: 6386

    These 3D cubic PVC medal are made for Taiwan Fund for Children and Families (TFCF). Both medals are designed with 8 colors and attached with 1.5cm width of neck ribbon with heat transfer printing. Rubber PVC is waterproof, colorful and light weight, a fantastic and economical material designed for promotional items for kids events and recognition. Send your inquiries and expect our professional service within 24 hours.

  • PVC Virtual Run Finisher Medals
    PVC Virtual Run Finisher Medals
    PID: 6030

    We supply Washington Foundation PVC medals in Asia, the road running events named "2017 Run for Love Road Running Event”. The customized PVC medals are examples of Kids sports activity we make for Taiwan customers, bright colors always catch attentions. Custom shaped PVC medals are created to commemorate a variety of occasions. Great for sporting events and any time you want to create a collectible memory. Jin Sheu provide various PVC medals for kinds’ sports activities held in Asia as well as in USA and Europe. The feature of PVC medals are flexible, colorful, waterproof, lightweight and economical cost of each piece.

  • Custom PVC medallions
    Custom PVC medallions
    PID: 6027

    The Best custom PVC medal Success Story- "Around-the-world Adventure to Ancient Cities in 5 Continents" Road Running Events in Asia, is one of our designs for custom rubber medals. The creative medal is designed in 3D on front and 2D on back side. Custom PVC medallions are funky and economics way to reward any achievements. These colorful PVC medals are great memory for parents or children who just succeed the challenge. Custom PVC medals of honor are a special way to promote your brand, organization or sport events. All PVC medals attached with polyester neck ribbons with custom printing available on both sides. PVC parts can be designed in 2D/ 3D and in multiple levels, detailed logos or small texts can be silkscreen printing. If you are expecting colorful and light weight medals, soft PVC medals is the right one. This is popular ideas when you expect a lightweight medals.

  • Rubber PVC Medals
    Rubber PVC Medals
    PID: 6016

    Custom shaped PVC medals are created to commemorate a variety of occasions. Great for sporting events and any time you want to create a collectible memory. What is so unique to these PVC medals is that they are molded in full color, weatherproof and light weight with raised and recessed areas, great ideas as award medals for kid’s recognition in various events. fantastic for kid’s The Best Customer Success Story- "2016 Deliver of love" running race in Taiwan, is one of our designs for custom plastic medals. The custom medals made in 2D flat, 7 colors, lightweight. This sports activity to make running fun for Parent-Child and provides kids a positive, fun experience, and educational in the world of running. Neck ribbon also made from polyester with heat transfer printing (dye sublimation). Heat Transfer neck ribbons are great ideas to display full-color printing and low cost promotional products. The custom rubber PVC medals shown here are for reference only. If you want to order the personal plastic medals, please offer the design logo by EPS, AI, CDR (Vector format with fonts converted to outlines or curves and include size, quantity, and colors)

  • Kids Award PVC Medals
    Kids Award PVC Medals
    PID: 5396

    Custom PVC rubber medals can be made in any shapes or sizes, 2D flat or 3D cubic, light weight and softer than metal medals, it becomes a very popular reward for fun runs and children's activities. Neck ribbon also can be custom made with silkscreen printing, offset printing, woven or heat transfer printing (dye sublimation) which complete the PVC medals with bright look, and adorable souvenirs.

  • Soft Rubber Medal
    Soft Rubber Medal
    PID: 5397

    Custom PVC rubber medals can be made in any shapes or sizes, 2D flat or 3D cubic, light weight and softer than metal medals, it becomes a very popular reward for fun runs and children's activities. Neck ribbon also can be custom made with silkscreen printing, offset printing, woven or heat transfer printing (dye sublimation) which complete the PVC medals with bright look, and adorable souvenirs.

  • Marathon 5K Virtual Race Rubber Medal
    Marathon 5K Virtual Race Rubber Medal
    PID: 5398

    Custom PVC rubber medals are especially suitable for kids’ sports activities owing to their light weight and soft touch quality. Kids are less likely get hurt compared to metal medals. Also, it’s easier to show vivid colours on the PVC rubber to grab children’s attention. Our personalised PVC rubber medals are 100% non-toxic and eco-friendly which can be made in any shapes or sizes, 2D flat or 3D cubic. Neck ribbon also can be custom made with silkscreen printing, offset printing, woven or heat transfer printing (dye sublimation) which complete the PVC medals with bright look, and adorable souvenirs. Book next medal for fun runs, virtual rruns or family runs today!

  • Military Medallions Coins
    Military Medallions Coins
    PID: 2990

    Die struck brass coins can depict complicated designs and motifs, colors can be soft enamel or imitation hard enamel, finishing is alternative in bright finishing, matte (antique brass, antique silver or antique copper) or two tone finishing (gold and nickel). Brass coins, more solid and heavier than zinc alloy coins, always make clear and brisk sound while colliding with other coins. Challenge coins have been used as a way to honor, encourage, and reward individuals for their personal and professional accomplishments. Group members are encouraged to carry their challenge coins at all times as a symbol of loyalty (and to be on the receiving end of a challenge). Our China factory has made millions of coins and received countless compliments from customers.

  • SARGENTO Military Hat Pins
    SARGENTO Military Hat Pins
    PID: 2513

    Nickel Finish 3D cap badges are examples we make for USA customers. Custom logos are formed by die struck copper with nickel plating and highly polishing; front side with black enamel color filled and back side is fitted with 2 military clutches and one screw and nut. In order to reduce the weight of large sized cap badges, we choose double-die stamping (male and female dies press simultaneously). Custom made vintage Latin American wreath cap badge is one of our specialties. Jin Sheu Enterprise has passed numerous third-party audits for famous brands or organizations, the trustworthy factory you can count on. We are cap badges manufacturer and exporter. From mold engraving, die stamping or spin casting, polishing and plating, coloring and attachment fixing, to the QC and package, all the procedures are in-house made, thus we can control our quality and delivery time much better than our competitors. Please offer us the detailed spec (2D in PDF,DWG format file,3D in IGS or STEP format file, or real samples …etc). and Q'ty and photo, and we will advise the suitable material as well as the best unit price during our working hours.

  • Custom Scouts Bolo Tie Medallion
    Custom Scouts Bolo Tie Medallion
    PID: 6275

    Bolo tie medallion is widely associated with Western cowboy wear, also is the most classic representation of Western jewelry and accessories. Nowadays, bolo tie medallion has become a necessary accessory for boy scout or menswear of square dance as well as a symbol of masculine fashion Metal Emblem mounted on cord can slide up and down, tighten or loosen on the black cord, which is made of either nylon or leather material usually with decorative metal piece at the end of cord to complete the look. Metal emblem is 100% custom made, which can be hard enamel; imitation hard enamel, brass or iron with soft enamel or made of zinc alloy material. Feel free to send us your ideas and let us help you to create the custom Bolo Tie Medallions for your business!

  • Custom Enamel Bolo Ties
    Custom Enamel Bolo Ties
    PID: 1927

    Custom bolo tie is a great way to add style to your uniforms. Custom bolo tie necklace is a perfect gift choice for scouts club or square dance organizations, suit for both formal and casual occasions. Metal bolo tie emblem or bolo medallions are 100% personalize, which can be made of zinc alloy, iron or brass with enamel colorings or not, if your metal emblems with gem stones or blue turquoise as adornment, we are happy to accomplish your designs exactly. Jin Sheu is good at making suggestion after evaluating your design, quantity, budget and delivery time, eventually, we are happy to turn your ideas into affordable and eye-catching custom bolo tie neckties.

  • Sterling silver Medal Pendant
    Sterling silver Medal Pendant
    PID: 3165

    Sterling silver medal or pendants are perfect gift for any special occasion, long term service employee, special reward for excellence etc. The design could be done with your company logo, plus individual name engraved. Also with different attachment changed or fixed, the same logo can be transformed to pins, cufflinks, tie bars or coins.

  • Sterling Silver Medals
    Sterling Silver Medals
    PID: 3155

    This top quality Medal is made of die stamped sterling silver with soft enamel colors filled and epoxy covered. Although sterling silver made pins/ brooches or medals get oxidized easily, we always reinforce the finishing with lacquer sprayed to extend durability. With our expertise we can help you starting at the designing step, at the merchandising step, or simply just producing the emblematic jewelry designs that you sent to us.

  • Corporate Medallions
    Corporate Medallions
    PID: 3098

    Anyone receiving a sterling silver made lapel pins, charms, pendants or brooches will surely treasure it forever. Our 925 sterling silver consists of 92.5 percent silver and 7.5 percent copper, the combination improves the metals’ hardness and durability without affecting its beautiful color. Our custom made S925 souvenirs can be die stamped in 2D or spin casted in 3D, adorned with soft enamel/ imitation hard enamel colors or further enhanced with genuine or synthetic gemstones.

  • Petal Framed Acrylic Medals
    Petal Framed Acrylic Medals
    PID: 5469

    Corporate custom medals and awards with personal imprint on acrylic is creative and stylish medals. This is our open designed metal frame with petal pattern, acrylic piece clammed by two pieces of metal frames can’t be moved or turned, custom logos can be printed on acrylic directly. Metal frame is available for various finishing.

  • Classic Plain Framed Acrylic Medallions
    Classic Plain Framed Acrylic Medallions
    PID: 5465

    We highly recommend this simple plain frame for your custom acrylic medals, as it is light weight and simple, easily draw your attention on the message or logo printed on acrylic piece. Metal frames can be made with various finishing.

  • Acrylic Medal with Leaves Wreath Frame
    Acrylic Medal with Leaves Wreath Frame
    PID: 5470

    The leaves wreath frame is the most classic and common pattern for medals. Various finishing such as bright gold, silver, bronze or antique gold, silver and bronze are matched by request.

  • Medals
    PID: 908

    With over 30 years specific experience in the design, manufacture and supply of premium quality custom made, bespoke medals and medallions, we work directly with you from the design of your medals right up to delivery. Custom made, bespoke medals and medallions can be produced by die struck; die casted; spin casted; printed or photo chemical etched, material can be varied from copper, brass, iron, stainless steel, pewter to zinc alloy. We will see your designs then offer our suggestions. For example, if you need fully 3D sculpture or the design with many empty holes, we might suggest you pewter or zinc alloy, if you prefer heavier medals, brass will be a good solution. Jin Sheu is committed to supplying custom made medals or medallions that will surpass your expectation at very competitive prices.

  • Medals and Custom Awards
    Medals and Custom Awards
    PID: 910

    We’ve been providing sports leagues, schools, businesses, and other organizations with custom medals, medallions and metal awards. We strive to produce the finest medals and custom awards in the industry. We will do more than just send you awards that look like awards you could find anywhere else, we also have an experienced sales and customer support team that can make sure you purchase the awards that are right for you. Our art department with 20~30 best graphic designers allow us to create artworks for your approval within 24 business hours, which helps us communicate with customers precisely and speed up the production time.

  • Medals Factory
    Medals Factory
    PID: 3197

    This excellent three-dimensional medal is made for the Louisiana State University Agricultural and Mechanical College. We are a reliable medal factory for supporting custom-made school medals at reasonable price with good quality. A lot of US and European customers choose JIN SHEU as their trustworthy vendor for metal craft products made in China. If you have any school medal designs, contact with us, the professional medal factory.

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