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Lapel Pin Attachments / Jin Sheu, as a leading custom lapel pins, challenge coins and metal souvenir manufacturer, we keep providing quality products at competitive prices in a timely manner.

Attachments for metal emblems

Pin Backs

Lapel Pin Attachments

Here at Jin Sheu, we offer a comprehensive range of fittings for lapel pins and emblems. With these various fittings, the same emblem can be transformed into a cufflink, tie bar, tie clip, bolo tie, bookmark, money clip, necklace, earrings, and more. Explore the variety of options for attachments that we can provide for military and police badges as well, including safety pins, magnets, screw nuts & bolts, cottor pins & shanks, ribbon bars, and chains. We hope this page helps you understand the full range of fittings we can supply.

Pin Backs

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Lapel Pin Clutches & Nails - Lapel Pin Backs
Lapel Pin Clutches & Nails

Jin Sheu offers a selection of clutch and nail attachments for lapel pins, enabling you to select...

Bend Legs & Ribbon Bars - Bend Legs & Ribbon Bars
Bend Legs & Ribbon Bars

Jin Sheu provides a wide selection of military ribbons, medals, ribbon bars, and holders. Our fittings...

Custom Bookmarks - Bookmarks
Custom Bookmarks

Jin Sheu offers personalized metal bookmarks that can be tailored to your preferences. We understand...

Plastic Pin Box - Lapel Pin Plastic Display Box
Plastic Pin Box

Jin Sheu provides a range of plastic pin boxes and plastic pin boxes with foam inserts that...

Cufflink Fittings - Custom Cufflinks
Cufflink Fittings

Jin Sheu provides a diverse range of cufflink fittings to meet various jewelry-making needs....

Earrings & Necklaces & Chains - Custom Women's Jewelry
Earrings & Necklaces & Chains

Jin Sheu provides personalized earrings and necklaces to meet the unique preferences of each...

Keyrings & Keyring Fittings - Key Rings
Keyrings & Keyring Fittings

Jin Sheu is a maker of custom keychains and offers a wide variety of Keyring fittings. These...

Magnetic Fitting Kits - Magnets
Magnetic Fitting Kits

Jin Sheu provides magnetic attachments suitable for custom magnetic badges and name tags, offering...

Money Clips - Money Clips
Money Clips

Jin Sheu offers custom metal money clips with a variety of standard fittings to choose from....

Brooch Pin Backs - Safety Pins
Brooch Pin Backs

Jin Sheu provides brooch bar backs in a variety of sizes, ranging from 19mm to 45mm. While...

Screws & Nuts - Screws & Nuts
Screws & Nuts

Jin Sheu offers a selection of screws and nuts that are ideal for creating custom military...

Tie Bars - Tie Bars
Tie Bars

Jin Sheu offers custom tie bar findings and supplies a variety of clips for custom tie bars...

Result 1 - 12 of 23


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Pin Backs - Lapel Pin Attachments | Woven & Embroidered Patches Manufacturer | Jin Sheu

Based in Taiwan since 1984, Jin Sheu Enterprise Co., Ltd. has been a business promotional products manufacturer and exporter. Their main promotional products and giveaway items include, Pin Backs, metal souvenir items, enamel pins, initial key chains, printed lanyards with badge holders, silicone bracelets and wristbands, woven and embroidered patches and trolley tokens and coins, which can be customized and personalized to meet international environmental and safety standards.

Jin Sheu Enterprise founded in 1984, is a leading manufacturer for custom enamel pins, metal bookmarks, military medals and ribbons, walking stick medallions, custom police badges, and grille badges. With a manufacturing site of over 64,000 square meters and 2000 sophisticated workers, plus the latest automatic electroplating plant and soft enamel color dispensing machines, we surpass our competitors in delivery time, quality, and service, especially for the large quantity required shortly or complicated designs needed experienced workers, Jin Sheu is the number one choice as we are equipped to offer integral service. Our China factory passes the audits and acquires authorization from Disney, McDonald's, and Sedex. Annually, we provide 30~35 different raw material test reports to prove our products comply with the benchmark of USA and EU regulations.

Jin Sheu has been offering customers business promotional giveaways, both with high-quality manufacturing processes and 31 years of experience, Jin Sheu ensures each customer's demands are met.