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Jin Sheu Belt Buckles Service Introduction

Jin Sheu Enterprise Co., Ltd. is Taiwan, China Belt Buckles supplier and manufacturer with more than 31 years experience. Since 1984, in the Gift and Premiums Industry, Jin Sheu has been offering our customers high quality Belt Buckles production service. With both advanced technology and 31 years experience, Jin Sheu always make sure to meet each customer's demand.

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  • Military Belt Buckle Manufacturer
    Military Belt Buckle Manufacturer
    PID: 24

    As a professional military belt buckle manufacturer, we dedicate in providing high end military belt buckle with stable quality and fast delivery. Jin Sheu specialized in die struck brass belt buckle as well as die casted zinc alloy belt buckles. The belt buckle shown here is made of zinc alloy material with antique silver plated with highly 3 sides polishing. The size is about 60 x 63mm with our standard backside fitting for belt buckle. We are able to supply leather belt as well, feel free to contact our customer service team to discuss your needs with one of our friendly and highly experienced team members!

  • Brass Belt Buckles
    Brass Belt Buckles
    PID: 22

    This beautiful belt buckle is made of die struck brass with soft enamel colors and plating with gold and nickel two tones. Because of large size and extra thickness, we made 3 sides polishing (front/ back and edge) make sure all the metal parts is shiny and smooth.

  • Die Struck Belt Buckles
    Die Struck Belt Buckles
    PID: 5037

    This unique handmade Horse Rider Western Style big Belt Buckle design is made of die struck brass material without enamel colors. 3D cubic modeling with antique bronce finishing, thus delicate details can be expressed completely. Excellent finish make it look splendid and valuable. Don't hesitate to contact us to make your own design!

  • Custom Made Zamak Belt Buckles
    Custom Made Zamak Belt Buckles
    PID: 2599

    Custom Made Zamak Belt Buckles are great for your club, business, competition, organization, or your logo. Jin Sheu made all kinds of buckles, such as police buckle, military buckles as well as trophy buckles. Send your inquiry with logo attached and let our artistic team design a unique buckle for your special event.

  • Sheriff Star Belt Buckle
    Sheriff Star Belt Buckle
    PID: 2593

    Custom made belt buckles are a distinctive way to exhibit noteworthy accomplishment or reinforce organizational goals and unity. This high end quality sheriff Star Belt Buckle is made of die stamped brass material with single soft enamel color filled and finished with gold and nickel plating. Highly polishing on 3 sides makes it look splendid and valuable.

  • Firefighting Belt Buckles
    Firefighting Belt Buckles
    PID: 2608

    Show your appreciation to this brass made fire fighting belt buckle. It is 2D flat with black soft enamel color filled and 3 side polishing make it shiny as a mirror. Fire fighting belt buckles can be made of various material such as brass, zinc alloy or pewter, Jin Sheu are good at manufacturing all types of custom made belt buckles.

  • CAL Fire Belt Buckles
    CAL Fire Belt Buckles
    PID: 2597

    This extraordinary CAL FIRE Belt Buckles is made of die struck brass material with dome shape. It has been repeated few times because of super quality. All raised parts including text are polished in shiny while the background is matte with texture pattern, details remain clear and visible even in shiny gold/ shiny silver plating.

  • Fire Department Belt Buckles
    Fire Department Belt Buckles
    PID: 2595

    Fire Department Belt Buckle is designed in 2 different sizes, both are made of die struck brass material with soft enamel colors filled and finished in gold plating. Our belt buckles is an enduring piece of art which commemorate your company or career, preserve a memory, or make your own superhero logo. We can take your simple sketch and turn it into quality buckle, we are confident to create a buckle that you will be proud to wear for decades.

  • Oval Belt Buckle
    Oval Belt Buckle
    PID: 2586

    Custom belt buckles logo part can be made by hard enamel; imitation hard enamel; die struck soft enamel; die struck copper or brass without coloring; zinc alloy or pewter material. Zinc alloy is the most preferable material for belt buckles because of price issue and durable. Electroplating can be as multiple choices as general lapel pins. Our belt buckles is an enduring piece of art which commemorate your company or career, preserve a memory, or make your own superhero logo. We can take your simple sketch and turn it into quality buckle, we are confident to create a buckle that you will be proud to wear for decades. Most of our metal buckles are made by die struck brass or die casted zinc alloy, however spin casted pewter is also preferable especially when logo with 3D sculpture and quantity required is less than 100pcs. Buckles can be filled with colors (imitation hard enamel or soft enamel colors) or without colors, designed in 2D flat or 3D cubic, punched with empty holes or produced with various finishing (bright, antique, satin or two tone), a wide variety of manufacturing techniques can be applied, Jin Sheu is well equipped modern machineries and skillful all the production procedures.

  • Buckle for Belt
    Buckle for Belt
    PID: 2602

    Introducing our die-struck belt buckles! These buckles are made of zinc alloy, brass, or pewter, and feature a military-inspired design. Perfect for adding a touch of flair to your outfit, these buckles are sure to turn heads. We produce high-quality custom belt buckles for military, police, or casuals. The most suitable material for belt buckle is either die-stamped brass or die-casted zinc alloy. Buckles can be produced with various finishing and a wide range of manufacturing techniques.

  • custom logo belt buckles
    custom logo belt buckles
    PID: 2579

    Jin Sheu is a professional custom belt buckles manufacturer in China. Design your own custom logo belt buckles and awards. We can provide you with cheap custom belt buckles and high quality products. We are custom buckles manufacturer, custom logo belt buckles, custom western belt buckles, custom 3d belt buckles. We can make all kinds of belt buckle. Like stainless steel belt buckle, brass belt buckle, leather belt buckle and so on.We have lots of designs for you to choose from.

  • Die Struck Belt Buckles
    Die Struck Belt Buckles
    PID: 2610

    Jin Sheu has successfully made all kinds of custom-designed belt buckles for customers all over the world. This 3D cubic belt buckle is made of die-struck brass with antique bronze finishing. Although there are not any enamel colors filled, the details are still clear and visible. Our Die Struck Belt Buckles are perfect for adding a touch of class to your outfit. Made from zinc alloy, brass, or pewter, these buckles are built to last. Whether you're looking for a sophisticated accent for your work outfit or a stylish way to show your support for the military, our Die Struck Belt Buckles are sure to impress.

  • Silver Interlocking Belt Buckle
    Silver Interlocking Belt Buckle
    PID: 2590

    Jin Sheu Custom Buckle, Custom Belt Buckles, belt buckle manufacturer, custom belt buckles wholesale, custom logo belt buckles. Our custom logo buckle is the ultimate personalized gift for any occasion and is an excellent way to promote your company or organization. The possibilities are endless with the number of techniques we can use to design and create your very own unique custom belt buckles. Our product is designed in a variety of styles and made from high quality materials that are sure to last for many years.

  • Two Piece Belt Buckles
    Two Piece Belt Buckles
    PID: 2581

    Jin Sheu is a professional custom belt buckles manufacturer. We have years of experience in custom belt buckles making and producing. With our fast and efficient production times, you will be able to have your custom belt buckles delivered in no time. We could make any kinds of custom belt buckles for you according to your request and design. Our have various standard size. If you can provide us with your artwork, we can make the image or laser engraving for you. You will enjoy our high quality with competitive price buckle products, fast delivery and good service from us!

  • Interlocking Gold Belt Buckle
    Interlocking Gold Belt Buckle
    PID: 5036

    Buckle , Clasp, Closures two piece interlocking - the best production material for interlocking belt buckle is Zinc alloy material, the logo design could be with or without coloring. This exceptional belt buckle is plated in 24K golden finishing, it is sure to keep its luster for a long time.

  • Custom Interlocking Belt Buckle
    Custom Interlocking Belt Buckle
    PID: 23

    Our Custom Interlocking belt buckle is composed of two pieces Joint Metal alloy material, a perfect way to incorporate your brand, organization, business logo or sports team logo into an eye-catching belt accessory. Personalized interlock buckles are great for enhancing clothing, bags and purses, which can be used with belt, elastic etc. The interlock buckle shown here is made of zinc alloy material with nickel plating. Final size when 2 pieces composed into one is about 85 x 45mm; left piece is about 73 x 45mm and the right one is about 51 x 40mm. Sizes is for your reference, you can personalized your own sizes and shapes! Start with Jin Sheu to add your company logo or personal design and build your own bespoke interlocking belt buckle to highlight your logo and event! We look forward to serving you in the near future.

  • Belt Buckles With Custom Logo
    Belt Buckles With Custom Logo
    PID: 2598

    2-piece belt buckle with customized top logo and open design bottom. Top piece can be made by wide range of manufacturing techniques, attached on existing type of zinc alloy bottom piece. It is an economical way to start your own belt buckle because there is free mold charge for the existing tools, only top emblem need tooling fee.

  • custom belt buckle manufacturers
    custom belt buckle manufacturers
    PID: 2589

    Jin Sheu is a custom belt buckle manufacturer since 1984. We offer affordable custom belt buckles with various metal options like brass, stainless steel, nickel silver and black oxidized silver, etc. Custom logos and designs are welcome to be embossed on the belt buckles as well. We are buckle manufacturers and wholesale belt buckles suppliers from China. With low prices and high quality, we provide brass buckle, zinc alloy buckle, western style belt buckle, fashion belt buckle and custom belt buckles for men.

  • Custom Military Belt Buckles
    Custom Military Belt Buckles
    PID: 2611

    This military belt buckle is composed of two parts, custom metal logo and open designed buckle. This special gold and antique silver two tones plating of eagle design is mounted on the existing nickel plated of belt buckle. It is an economical way to generate your belt buckle because the mold charge of existing buckel is free.

  • custom western belt buckles
    custom western belt buckles
    PID: 2583

    Jin Sheu Custom Buckles Manufacturers specializes in the custom belt buckles and custom western belt buckles. We are a professional belt buckle manufacturer, as a result, we have over 36 years experience in the leather crafts industry. If you want to stand out in a crowd, our belt buckles are the perfect way to do so. With our personalized customer service and good quality products, our customers love us. If you are interested in our custom western belt buckles or other custom designed belts, pls contact us at any time.

  • Customized Metal Belt Buckles
    Customized Metal Belt Buckles
    PID: 2604

    High Quality Golf Club Customized 2D design metal belt buckle. Die struck brass material with blue/white/black and red soft enamel color filled. 3 sides polishing and golden finishing with dome shape. Stunning finish and workmanship make it look splendid and valuable. If you are interested in custom belt buckles, you are welcome to contact us for further information or pricing!

  • Metal Military Belt Buckles
    Metal Military Belt Buckles
    PID: 2592

    Jin Sheu Custom Buckles is a professional custom belt buckle manufacturer which is specialized in making high quality custom belt buckles. We offer customization service starting at factory direct price and are capable of producing an unlimited amount of customized buckles. Jin Sheu is custom belt buckle manufacturers. We are dedicated to provide the best quality custom buckles and the most reasonable prices in the world. Our range of buckles include western buckles, horse and rider buckles, logo buckles, baseball buckle, secure channel belt buckles and many more.

  • Military Belt Buckles
    Military Belt Buckles
    PID: 2591

    Jin Sheu is an authorized buckles manufacturer for Disney & FAMA. It is a professional custom buckles manufacturer with over 10 years of experience in making buckles. We make all kinds of belt buckle,such as personalized belt buckle,custom logo belt buckle for sale and metal belt buckle. The Jin Shui custom buckle is the newest and most unique buckle design on the market today. Our custom design makes these buckles the perfect choice for your next promotion. If you want something different, then this is it!

  • custom belt buckles with your brand
    custom belt buckles with your brand
    PID: 27

    Jin Sheu is an authorized metal badge supplier for the Olympics. We are a professional custom belt buckle manufacturer in China, we have many years of experience and have exported our belt buckles all over the world, especially in North America. We were also the major supplier for Disney products and other famous brands, such as Nike, Reebok, Timberland, Adidas... Our belt buckles are made of high quality materials such as brass and zinc alloy material with lead-free plating surface. It can be custom made by your own design or brand logo to meet your special needs.

Result 1 - 24 of 31