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Customized Embroidery Patches

With professional experience of 20 years, our Dong Guan Craftart Embroidery Co., Ltd. has collected some most asked questions and compiled the knowledge of embroidery to share with you.
Please find answers to questions about custom embroidered patches and please fill out the form below if you have any questions for us.



Use this size chart to determine your patch size.
Overall patch size is width (W) + height (H) divide by 2 Fractions are rounded up to the nearest 1/4 inch.
custom patch size


Choose from assorted colors of polyester twill background fabric from our web page.
Polyester twill background is the most popular fabric for embroidery patches.
Felt and Velvet fabrics are also available with unit price increased proportionally by size.
Fabric color chart is USD10 each if you intend to have one in your office.

Special fabric such as 3M reflective, fire retardant and glow in the dark fabric are all available upon request.


Choose thread colors from our web page or from PMS number which we will transfer to our closest thread color.
Maximum 9 colors without extra cost for unit price, for every additional one color, unit
price will be increased some cents. Thread color charge is USD15 each if you need one in
your office.

Special thread such as fire retardant, metallic thread (gold & silver) and glowing in the
dark are all available upon request and prices are negotiable.


merrow border

Merrow Border:

Also named over locked border is a heavier border which is stitched up and over the outer edges of your patch.  Merrow borders are most commonly found on shapes such as circles, ovals, square and regular shapes. Merrow borders are applied after the design is stitched onto your patches. There is no extra cost for merrow border request.

heat cut border, hot cut border

Heat Cut Border:

Heat cut border is a thinner, flatter border that is cut out using a hot knife that seals the outer edge of your patch, keeping the thread from fraying. Heat cut borders are used for patches that are irregular shaped in the outline of your design, such as the shape of a car or animal. Unit price for heat cut border will be increased as we have to hand made the border piece by piece.

Scissor Cut Border: 

Only suitable for velvet or felt as these fabrics won’t fray after direct cutting.  If a patch made of polyester twill background, the border must be managed by either merrowed or heat cut, keeping the fabric from fraying.


Iron On Back

When applied correctly, iron-on patches are extremely durable and will stay adhered to your garment for many washes. Iron-on patches can also be sewn to your garment after ironing on.

PVC back

It is a Plastic protective coating that is applied to help support the patch. This patch type must be sewn on, and does not have iron on capabilities.

Paper Back

Paper backing is commonly applied on woven patches however is workable for embroidered patches, the function of paper back is beautifying the back side which usually covered by complex threads.

Peel & Stick back

Peel & Stick backings are similar to that of a traditional sticker. The intended use is for placing patches temporary on garments so that the patch can later be removed with no damage to the garment. This style of backing is suitable for events where patches are being distributed to be worn for that specific event, and are able to be sewn on after the peel & stick backing has lost its stickiness.

Velcro Back

Velcro backing is a wonderful option to use on custom patches, it commonly used on military, paintball and airsoft patches. You can order male and female as a set or just with male backing. Unit price is negotiable for velcro backing.


An embroidered design is made up of 3 major stitches types:  Satin Stitch, Fill Stitch, and Run Stitch. Usually factory will decide the types of stitches when preparing the computer disc, we will choose the appropriate stitches after seeing your design and colors. Here under is brief introduction for your further knowledge.

The running stitch or straight stitch is the basic stitch in hand-sewing and embroidery, on which all other forms of sewing are based. The stitch is worked by passing the needle in and out of the fabric. Running stitches may be of varying length, but typically more thread is visible on the top of the sewing than on the underside. So, a running stitch runs through the fabric.

satin stitch, fill stitch, running stitch


Usually one size with 4 different prices based on the coverage of embroidered area. The larger stitched coverage, the more expensive for unit price or vice versa. Use these examples to estimate the coverage of percentage by stitching.
embroidery coverage


The minimum quantity of patches that can be ordered is 100 per design. Quantity below 100pcs will be special quoted.


  1.  Spur nail and clutch
  2.  Safety pin back
  3.  Magnets
  4.  With gem stones
  5.  With Loop on top

embroidery fitting for options


We offer a pre-production sample service, except the computer disc fee, sample fee is USD10 per design. Both sample fee and computer disc fee are refundable when bulk quantity is up to 3000pcs per design.  

  • How to apply a heat-seal/ iron-on embroidered patch onto a T-shirt?

1. Heat the iron with maximum temperature setting for 5 minutes.
2. Test your fabrics to see if it can take the heat with the iron.
3. Place the emblem/patch at right place.
4. Use a paper or cotton twill cover on top of your emblem and cloth
5. Apply iron on the covered paper firmly for 20-30 seconds, and wait it to be cool for a minute.
6. Turn the clothes inside out and repeat the steps above till you feel the emblem is nicely attached with the fabrics.
7. Let it cool down for 5-10 minutes.
8. It is strongly recommended to add some stitches on the corners or the edges.

Customized Embroidery Patches | Over 31 Years Taiwan Promotional Metal & Silicone Items Manufacturer | Jin Sheu

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