Reversible Sequin Patches


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Reversible Sequin Patches

Reversible Sequin Patches
Reversible Sequin Patches

This gorgeous sequin patch has a unique feature were the sequins are reversible. The sequins on the fabric come in two different colors that can be reversible to the color you choose or can be used to as 2 tone. The reversible flip flop effect is pretty easy to handle. Just run your hands over them to change the color. That allows different designs with one patch and even more effects and reflections. Let’s make everyone stop and stare at this magical, endlessly entertaining fabric accessory!

  • Embroidery patches with sequins dotted
  • Double face sequins can be flipped and get a new color image
  • Multiple two tone sequin colors for options
  • Custom logos and sizes welcome only.
  • Sample approval is required
  • Applied by iron on or sew on
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