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Luggage Accessories

Suitcase Adjustable Belt & Backpack/ Jacket Gripper
Suitcase Adjustable Belt & Backpack/ Jacket Gripper

Solve the problem of extra bags or belongings of jacket/coat with our newly launched luggage accessories, Suitcase Adjustable Belt & Jacket Gripper, useful and cost effective devices which provide more enjoyable and relaxed traveling experience.

Suitcase Adjustable Belt is designed with 2 elastic loops and an adjustable buckle, which can fasten your extra bag, large or small, securely strapped on your wheeled luggage. And jacket gripper allows you to attach another bag on your luggage or tie your belongings such as jacket, coats, scarves, shopping bags or neck pillow on your backpacks, a smart and affordable device which helps you decluttering your belongings before leaving.

Suitcase Adjustable Belt is a patent item in some countries, please check the patent regulations and policy in your own country before placing this item.

  • Suitcase Adjustable Belt & Backpack/ Jacket Gripper
  • Made of polyester, nylon, satin or woven material
  • MOQ is 300pcs per design
  • Custom logo can be silkscreen printed or dye sublimation printing
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  • Suitcase Adjustable Belt - Suitcase Adjustable Belt
    Suitcase Adjustable Belt
    PID: 6359

    Suitcase adjustable belt is made of polyester, nylon, satin or woven material, completed with adjustable buckle and two elastic loops sewed on ends. Adjustable luggage strap hold any sizes of bags tightly, no matter small or large-sized bags will be fastened securely on the handle of your luggage, easy use and quick release. Custom logos can be silkscreen printed or heat transfer printed. With adjustable buckle help, strap length can be varied from 28 to 42cm or customize the length of your preference. Suitcase adjustable belt is an essential travel accessory for both business and casual.

  • Backpack & Jacket Gripper - Backpack & Jacket Gripper
    Backpack & Jacket Gripper
    PID: 6360

    Jacket gripper, as well as backpack grip holder are designed with release buckle, adjustable buckle and round carabiner, which can be securely attached to your various bags. Jacket gripper allows to hook your personal belongings, like jackets or coats, directly to your handbag or travel bag, or fasten your second bag, backpack on the handle of luggage, a small device organize your belongings. Jacket grip holder is useful and affordable gadget, definitely is the best travel-mate of your luggage for a domestic or overseas trip.