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Custom hat pins / Jin Sheu, as a leading custom lapel pins, challenge coins and metal souvenir manufacturer, we keep providing quality products at competitive prices in a timely manner.

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Custom hat pins

Custom ornamental pieces of stick pins and hat pins can be crafted in real cloisonne, imitation hard enamel, soft enamel, or printed emblem designs with embedded gemstones. The standard fitting on the back side is a long needle with or without end cap. These stick pins can be worn on scarves, ties, morning coats, or suits and are a fantastic addition to any everyday accessory collection. Stick pins have been featured in the jewelry lines of several major vintage designers and are growing in popularity as a means to promote brand name recognition or convey a subtle message.

Custom Stick Pins: Standard Fittings and Logo Fixing Options

We provide standard fittings for custom stick pins, including #127 (43mm), #126 (38mm), and #125 (43mm). The #127 fitting is suitable for logos with open areas and requires silver (or copper) soldering, while the #125 and #126 fittings are intended for larger logos or those without cutouts and can be fixed using tin soldering.

Add Personal Flair to Your Outfit with Our Custom Stick Pins

Our custom stick pins add a personal touch to any outfit. The product video demonstrates the meticulous craftsmanship that goes into each custom piece. Elevate your style and order your own custom stick pins today.

Specifications of Stick Pins

  • Standard fittings: #127 (43mm long), #126 (38mm long), and #125 (43mm long).
  • #127 with small head for logos with open areas, fixed with silver (copper) soldering for strong fixing.
  • #125 and #126 are with larger head of 4mm diameter for logos larger than 6mm or without cutout, fixed with tin soldering.
  • Custom logos available in various colors and materials, soldered or glued with our standard fittings.
  • Metal end caps are optional and they are available in #131 nickel plated, #130 gold plated.

Stick Pins

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Tie Stick Pin - Pin sticks
Tie Stick Pin
PID: 2831

Custom tie stick pins can be worn on various pieces of clothing, such as lapels, scarves, ties,...

Metal Stick Pins - Metal Stick Pins
Metal Stick Pins
PID: 2832

From the late 18th century, to the beginning of the 20th century, stick pins became the vogue...

Custom Stick Pins - Custom Stick Pins
Custom Stick Pins
PID: 2833

Ornamental stick pins have been used for centuries for practical dress reasons and as a fashionable...

Tie Stick Pins - Tie Stick Pins
Tie Stick Pins
PID: 2834

A stick pin is a decorative and functional pin for fixing a tie, scarf or lapel, it has been...

Stick Pins Jewelry - Stick Pins Jewelry
Stick Pins Jewelry
PID: 2835

Stick pins has been an elegant accessories to men’s suits, hats, ties or women’ scarfs...

Souvenir Stick Pins - Souvenir Stick Pins
Souvenir Stick Pins
PID: 2836

Few items in the male wardrobe describe the exactitude and elegance of choice, like the stick...

Promotional Stick Pins - Promotional Stick Pins
Promotional Stick Pins
PID: 2837

This Stick Pin is a great accessory for any wardrobe! The emblematic top logo is made of the premium...

Personalized Stick Pins - Personalized Stick Pins
Personalized Stick Pins
PID: 2838

Tie Stick Pins are a very debonair way to make your outfit more elegant. It works particularly...

Result 1 - 8 of 8


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Stick Pins - Custom hat pins | Woven & Embroidered Patches Manufacturer | Jin Sheu

Based in Taiwan since 1984, Jin Sheu Enterprise Co., Ltd. has been a business promotional products manufacturer and exporter. Their main promotional products and giveaway items include, Stick Pins, metal souvenir items, enamel pins, initial key chains, printed lanyards with badge holders, silicone bracelets and wristbands, woven and embroidered patches and trolley tokens and coins, which can be customized and personalized to meet international environmental and safety standards.

Jin Sheu Enterprise founded in 1984, is a leading manufacturer for custom enamel pins, metal bookmarks, military medals and ribbons, walking stick medallions, custom police badges, and grille badges. With a manufacturing site of over 64,000 square meters and 2000 sophisticated workers, plus the latest automatic electroplating plant and soft enamel color dispensing machines, we surpass our competitors in delivery time, quality, and service, especially for the large quantity required shortly or complicated designs needed experienced workers, Jin Sheu is the number one choice as we are equipped to offer integral service. Our China factory passes the audits and acquires authorization from Disney, McDonald's, and Sedex. Annually, we provide 30~35 different raw material test reports to prove our products comply with the benchmark of USA and EU regulations.

Jin Sheu has been offering customers business promotional giveaways, both with high-quality manufacturing processes and 31 years of experience, Jin Sheu ensures each customer's demands are met.