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Promotional Lapel Pins and Badges / Jin Sheu, as a leading custom lapel pins, challenge coins and metal souvenir manufacturer, we keep providing quality products at competitive prices in a timely manner.

Die cast lapel pins with soft enamel colors filled

Promotional Lapel Pins and Pin Badges

Promotional Lapel Pins and Badges

Customized lapel pins can be achieved in a variety of techniques, and Jin Sheu is capable of providing die stamping, die casting, spin casting, photo etching, as well as silkscreen printing, offset printing, and laser engraving. As one of the top lapel pins manufacturers, we incorporate all the processes including one of the most challenging die-stamped cloisonné (Hard enamel) lapel pins. We are absorbing new knowledge constantly and applying the new crafts to lapel pin production, the beautiful rainbow plating and UV printing are the latest examples.

Lapel Pin Attachments

We have a variety of lapel pin attachments that suit your various needs. Apart from the popular metal butterfly clutches, the order of custom pins with rubber clutches, safety pins, and magnet backing is on the rise. Other special attachments are available upon request.

Packaging Reference for Custom Pin Badges

Nice packaging not only protects custom pin badges but also adds extra value to the products themselves as well. From simple paper backing with OPP bags to luxury leather boxes with flocked blister trays, we have them all. Custom ideas for lapel pin packaging are definitely welcome!

Electroplating Chart from Jin Sheu - The Pin Maker for Worldwide Brandname Companies

There are various finishing (electroplating) available for customized lapel pins and it is quite common for our customers to use different terms for the same finishing. In order to achieve the desired metal color without mistakes, we coined each finish based on our factory production samples. There is no room for errors if we are on the same ground when communicating the production metal color finishing.

In addition, the same finishing color for a particular design won’t always be the same when applied to another unrelated project. Firstly, the same plating color from two different factories might very well turn out differently. Secondly, an optical illusion of a lighter or darker finish is often caused by the enamel colors adjacent to it. We also created the wheel emblem at the bottom of the chart to show different textures or granulations that are often applied on a blank background as embellishments or to show contrast against shiny surfaces. There are 12 texture options, please confirm the number of the preferred texture will be fine.

Lapel Pin Exhibition from Jin Sheu Showroom

Jin Sheu is the world's leading enamel pin maker, serving the top 500 powerful brands in the world. Jin Sheu offers custom lapel pins, keychains, and medals to help you promote your brand or company. Our talented team of designers and craftsmen is committed to creating the perfect pins for your brand.

Promotional Lapel Pins and Pin Badges

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Hard Enamel Pins - Customized Eagle Cloisonne Lapel Pins
Hard Enamel Pins

Cloisonne, also dubbed as hard enamel, is the most traditional and ornamental craft for badges,...

Imitation Hard Enamel Pin - Imitation Hard Enamel Lapel Pins in Brids Theme
Imitation Hard Enamel Pin

Imitation hard enamel pin, aka synthetic cloisonné or soft cloisonné, has replaced the real...

Brass Soft Enamel Lapel Pins - Die Struck Brass Soft Enamel Lapel Pins with 3D details
Brass Soft Enamel Lapel Pins

Die struck brass soft enamel pins are a wonderful and economical option for your pins as they...

Die Struck Iron Soft Enamel Pins - Baseball trading pin with Die Struck Iron Soft Enamel Pin process
Die Struck Iron Soft Enamel Pins

Die Struck Iron soft enamel pins resemble the effects of die-struck brass soft enamel pins,...

Die Stamped Brass Lapel Pins - 3D Roaring Elephant Brass Pins without Colors
Die Stamped Brass Lapel Pins

Die-stamped brass or copper lapel pins are created without any color infill. Although they...

Photo Etched Soft Enamel Pins - Photo Etched Soft Enamel Pins
Photo Etched Soft Enamel Pins

Custom photo etched soft enamel pins are made with 0.8mm thick brass plate and all the details...

Custom Printed Lapel Pin - Custom Printed Cat and Printed Perfume Bottle Lapel Pins
Custom Printed Lapel Pin

Custom printed lapel pin is easily recognized when the metal holding lines which separate color...

Rhinestone Brooch - Enamel pins with gemstones
Rhinestone Brooch

Gemstone-adorned lapel pins or brooches are never out of date and they are the best promotional...

Pearl Effect Enamel Lapel Pins - Custom Enamel Lapel Pins with Pink Pearlescent Enamel
Pearl Effect Enamel Lapel Pins

Pearl effect enamel lapel pins have hidden marble textures, which create unique color patterns...

Dangle pins - custom dangle enamel pins with three charms
Dangle pins

Custom dangle lapel pin is one of the most popular styles of trading pins. Corporations love...

Chain Lapel Pins - Custom Enamel Chain Lapel Pins & Collar Brooches
Chain Lapel Pins

Chain brooch pins are unique decoration on the collars of shirt/ blouse/ sweater/ cardigan,...

Club Pin - Custom lapel pins for Rotary club, Lions Club, etc.
Club Pin

Custom club lapel pins for Rotary Club, Lions Club, or Olympics are one of our most important...

Result 1 - 12 of 24


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Promotional Lapel Pins and Pin Badges - Promotional Lapel Pins and Badges | Woven & Embroidered Patches Manufacturer | Jin Sheu

Based in Taiwan since 1984, Jin Sheu Enterprise Co., Ltd. has been a business promotional products manufacturer and exporter. Their main promotional products and giveaway items, include Promotional Lapel Pins and Pin Badges, metal souvenir items, enamel pins, initial keychains, printed lanyards with badge holders, silicone bracelets and wristbands, woven and embroidered patches and trolley tokens and coins, which can be customized and personalized to meet international eco friendly and safety standards.

Jin Sheu Enterprise founded in 1984, is a leading manufacturer for custom enamel pins, metal bookmarks, military medals and ribbons, walking stick medallions, custom police badges, and grille badges. With a manufacturing site of over 64,000 square meters and 2000 sophisticated workers, plus the latest automatic electroplating plant and soft enamel color dispensing machines, we surpass our competitors in delivery time, quality, and service, especially for the large quantity required shortly or complicated designs needed experienced workers, Jin Sheu is the number one choice as we are equipped to offer integral service. Our China factory passes the audits and acquires authorization from Disney, McDonald's, and Sedex. Annually, we provide 30~35 different raw material test reports to prove our products comply with the benchmark of USA and EU regulations.

Jin Sheu has been offering customers business promotional giveaways, both with high-quality manufacturing processes and 31 years of experience, Jin Sheu ensures each customer's demands are met.