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Graduation honor cords serve to recognize your achievement. / Over 31 years of Honor Cords with Tassels experience.


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Honor Cords with Tassels

Graduation honor cords serve to recognize your achievement.

Honor Cords
Honor Cords

The honor cord is one accessory worn during graduation ceremony. Different colors of honor cords can be used to signify different accomplishments or affiliations within each specific college or high school. The cords can be in single color or a combination of colors twisted together. Honor cords are usually worn in pairs, with the two cords tied together at their midpoints. The cords are worn around the neck with the ends of the cords hanging down the front side of the graduate's gown and two tassels on each side. Made of 100% rayon, we will make sure your honor cord is a perfect accessory in your big day. Do your upcoming graduates need honor cords or graduation cords for their graduation ceremony? If you work with an educational institution, you need to purchase a large quantity of cords, or have special purchasing restrictions, don't worry, we've got you covered


  • Honor cords serve to recognize your achievement.
  • Made of 100% rayon
  • Cords are available in solid or entwined double or triple color combination's
  • All colors available.
  • Ends can be knotted with tassels in length of 4"~4.5".
  • Minimum quantity is 500pcs per design.
Custom Twisted Graduation Honor Cords with Tassel
Jin Sheu has been a leader in providing graduation supplies to churches colleges, sororities, clubs, and other university or business organizations in the USA and abroad.
Customized honor cords represent an exciting time in the life of a high-school or college graduate
Jin Sheu is a graduation supplier of honor cords. We are proud of our tradition of supporting schools of every level in various countries and every year. Honor cords are worn to represent an achievement of the student or their participation in a specific group or study for various academic and non-academic achievements, awards, or honors.
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