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Authorized manufacturer by various well-known brands

Jin Sheu is a trustworthy manufacturer and exporter; you can entrust the production of your police badges, military emblems, medals and medallions, commemorative medals & coins to us. For we have outshone our competitors in producing these items.

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Hot Products

  • Custom Virtual Run Medals
    Custom Virtual Run Medals

    We provide the most professional advice according to your design and budget and accomplish the virtual run award medals which you will be proud of. We are good at transferring your paper design to actual...

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  • Door Opener Keychain & Stylus
    Door Opener Keychain & Stylus

    Our handy EDC door opener prevents you from needing to touch most doors and buttons. Earn your business & healthy with Hands Free Door Opener & Stylus!

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  • Leather Hand Sanitizer Holder
    Leather Hand Sanitizer Holder

    Hand sanitizer holders are perfect gift during COVID-19 times, no matter where you go, you can reach hand sanitizer easily and maintain your personal hygiene.

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