Wholesale Existing Aircraft Keychains


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Wholesale Existing Aircraft Keychains

Wholesale Existing Aircraft Keychains
Wholesale Existing Aircraft Keychains

Our existing airplane aircraft keychains are perfect gift for airlines, travel agency, travel insurance company, especially if you have consider between saving budget and providing quality & memorable giveaway. Here we offer 11 different styles of airplane, aircraft jet and helicopter keychains from our existing molds. You can add custom made charms to personalize your key chains. If none of these designs appeal to you, create your own aircrafts, we can complete the job precisely according your design.

  • Material: Zinc alloy
  • MOQ: 500 pcs per design
  • Free mold charge for existing airplane keychain
  • Tailor-made aircraft available as well
  • Custom logo: Metal charm with your own shape, size & logo

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Wholesale Existing Airplane Aircraft Keychain Souvenir

Custom Charm for Your Own Logo
Metal charms are 100% customized with your own logos, die struck with enamel colors, printed with epoxy, blank with laser engraving, photo etched with enamel or miniature metal charms made of zinc alloy or pewter, whatever you create can be manufactured by Jin Sheu.
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