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LED Bottle Sticker & LED Coaster

Customized LED Bottle Sticker & LED Coaster Maker
Customized LED Bottle Sticker & LED Coaster Maker

Promotional LED Bottle Sticker and LED COASTER with your own LOGO are a must have for bars, hotels, night clubs, lounge, special event or dinner party. You are able to light up any of your liquor bottles for the ultimate in VIP bottle service. There are various patterns of bottle stickers and we can specially arrange the battery according to the bottom of your bottles, size and shape as well as LED light colors are customizable. If you need your Light Up bottle sticker and LED coasters, please supply the image, text or design. We will gladly provide you with FREE computer-generated artwork. Perfect for Liquor Promo, VIP Table, DJ Booth, Display or Counter.

LED Bottle sticker/ LED coaster is a patent item in some countries, please check the patent regulations and policy in your own country before placing this item.

  • Material: PCB Board + LED light + EVA (optional) + PVC Cover (optional)
  • Battery: CR-1220 (lasting about 15hrs.) or CR-2032 (lasting about 72hrs.)
  • Led light: Can be customized of 1pc/ 2pcs/ 4pcs/ 5pcs or 6pcs LED lights.
  • Led Color: Multiple choices of red/ blue/ green/ white/ yellow and pink
  • Flashing: 4 patterns available (fast, slow, static and close) and for optional
  • Custom Logos: Silkscreen printing or offset printing on front side of sticker

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