Extension Mask Hook Buckle & Silicone Mask Earmuffs


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Extension Mask Hook Buckle & Silicone Mask Earmuffs

Extension Mask Hook Buckle & Silicone Mask Earmuffs
Extension Mask Hook Buckle & Silicone Mask Earmuffs

This Extension Mask Hook Buckle & Silicone Mask Earmuffs help reduce the earache and ear-pressure caused by long time mask-wearing. Both adults and children can use it! Our mask extender hook strap with adjustable slots, easily alter the length of ear string. Silicone Mask Earmuffs are soft and comfortable for wearing, just insert mask ear string into the rubber sleeve from the opening, it can effectively relieve the redness or ear-pressure caused by wearing a mask for a long time.

Extension Mask Hook Buckle & Silicone Mask Earmuffs are perfect for wide occasions. Suitable for all kinds of work which need to wear masks for a long time, such as doctors, office work, and some special ones such as Laboratory staff and medical staff.

promotional silicone hook strap belt and earmuffs for mask
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    Extension Mask Hook Buckle are compatible with most of the ear-mounted masks. Except soft PVC material, we also provide silicone made extension mask hook which is softer and more resilient. Both materials are non-slip, preventing the mask from falling off, and there are 3 optional slots at each end providing 5 different adaption lengths for you to choose. Extension mask hook is designed for reducing the pain or pressure caused by long time mask-wearing, it is a useful gadgets with wide application, suitable for all kinds of work. Jin Sheu has a huge selection of promotional items related to infection prevention product that available to help our clients everywhere in the world to come through COVID-19 times. Including cloth mask, mask extension hook, silicone earmuffs, touch free door opener keychain, face shield glasses, face shield hats etc. Please use our order online form to request a no obligation, free price quote or email service@jinsheu.com with your enquiry.

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    Our ear protector mask earmuffs are made of high quality silicone material, which is comfortable, flexible and completely environmentally friendly. Silicone Mask Earmuffs effectively relieve the ear redness caused by wearing a face mask for a long time. Silicone mask earmuffs are easy to install. Insert the mask strings into the rubber sleeve from the opening and adjust the comfortable position of your ears. Ergonomic design provides comfort feeling while mask-wearing is necessary for all day long. The shape of the silicone ear protector earmuff matches the auricle and is suitable for most types the ears. We offer 2 different sizes for your options. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact with us. Your satisfaction is of utmost priority to us. We are here to assist you with your enquiry and walk you through the ordering process.