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Etched Brass & Embossed Aluminum Name Plates

Etched Brass & Embossed Aluminum Name Plates Factory
Etched Brass & Embossed Aluminum Name Plates Factory

We are good at manufacturing customized metal nameplates and emblems, which are durable of outdoor exposure. Our nameplates are fabricated from flexible metal materials, such as brass, aluminum and some stainless steel and the logos or patterns can be formed by screen print, emboss, etch and graphics onto substrate surfaces.

Design your personalized metal nameplates & emblems, confirm the size and shape as well as the function or application of your nameplates, flat or covered, finishing colors (gold/ silver) or enamel colors, we will be glad to produce the exact nameplates of your needs.

  • Custom designs are welcome
  • Aluminum nameplate with diamond cut pattern
  • Etched brass nameplate with two tone finishing
  • Brushed aluminum nameplate with printed colors
  • Embossed aluminum nameplate with printed colors

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Custom made metal products include nameplates & emblems
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    If you are expecting your nameplate durable with excellent readability, embossing is a great solution, a custom die set raises the logos and characters upwards or relief in the metal. Embossing can be applied on both aluminum as well as brass nameplates.Custom Made embossed aluminum nameplate with printed colors can help you build brand recognition and project value. A dependable nameplate built to stand the test of time. That's our guarantee. The customized aluminum nameplates durable, lightweight and malleable. Custom Logos or graphics are usually printed on the surface before embossed.Whatever metal custom nameplate, label, emblem, tag or special plate you need, Jin Sheu Enterprise can easily customize these products for you.

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    Metal nameplates are a form of labeling commonly uses in commercial, industrial and aesthetic applications and aluminum is one of the most versatile materials, it is durable and light weight especially in comparison with brass or stainless material.The diamond cutting process generates crisp detail and a highly bright look for your badge or nameplate. The pattern of diamond cut technique can be designated from bold to fine lines, background can be colored as a contrast, simply make the diamond cut logos, text or brand stand out.Aluminum made nameplate can create multiple effects, except diamond cut patterns, there are anodized finishing, stamping or embossing, enamel colors filling or printing, flat design or curved to match special equipment, almost everything you require, we are capable to customize it for you. Just contact with Jin Sheu and when there is a need.

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    Are you looking for a stylish tag or sign made of brass material? Jin Sheu is the right manufacturer you should contact with. Our brass made nameplates are durable, weather-proof and high quality. They are perfect for outdoor use.Brass nameplates can be made in various sizes, shapes and thickness, logos or texts can be formed by etching, printing, stamping or laser engraving, and the background can be shiny, matte, brushed (hair line), with colors filled or with various cloth patterns. Finishing can be gold, silver, antique finishing or without electroplating, almost everything you can image can be accomplished with brass nameplates, just depends on your requirements.The photo shown here is brass nameplate with logos formed by chemical acid etching, the depth of the etch won’t compromise the integrity of the overall plate, recess background is matte mainly to contrast the relief logo and text. Under customer’s requirement, this brass nameplate without any electroplating.

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    Brush surface, also named as hair lines, are commonly applied on aluminum nameplate as well as brass nameplates, it is low-profile yet elegant texture providing the logos and brands with more visibility, increase perceived value and visual interest to the product.A metal name plate with brush treatment (hair line) usually won’t be plated with gold or nickel, which reduce the unit price a bit, however electroplating is still available by request. Whether you are looking for brushed aluminum nameplate or brushed brass nameplate, we can help you throughout the entire process of creating and ordering your tags.Our industrial and commercial industrial nameplates, tags, labels, emblems, and plates are fabricated using state of the art techniques. Global brand names choose us for variety and volume. 90% of our buyers place repeat orders.