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DIY Car Vent Clips

Custom Car Vent Clips
Custom Car Vent Clips

Freshen up your car with personalized car vent clips. Jin Sheu offers DIY car vent clips with custom logos made of soft PVC or acrylic, adorable decorations for your car. Personalized car vent clips can eliminate odors, bring you a good mood during long drives. It will be a great gift for your customers or your friends. Customized car vent clips that can be inserted into the vehicle vents with a fixing clip. Attach it simply and easily to car vent and release your favorite scent

Buy your own car vent air freshener. Please send us your logo, desired material (PVC or acrylic), specs and colors, we will be happy walk you through all the procedures.

  • Material: custom logos made of soft pvc or acrylic
  • Size and shapes: customizable
  • Fitting: 2pcs cotton pads + pad holder + metal clip
  • Diy: assemble metal clip with pad holder, drop essential oil on pad and put in plastic pad holder.
  • Clip fits both vertical and horizontal air conditioning vent grille bar.

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Custom PVC Car Vent Air Freshener

Custom Acrylic Car Vent Air Freshener

DIY Car Vent Clips

Custom Car Vent Clips
Please offer us the detailed spec. and Q'ty and photo, we do appreciate your help, and we'd advise the best price during our working time.
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