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Over 35 Years of Lapel Pins, Medals, Commemoratory Coins, Key Chains, Buckles | Promotional Products & Items Supply - Jin Sheu

Jin Sheu Enterprise, founded in 1984, is a leading manufacturer and exporter of lapel pins, key chains, medals, military coins, belt buckles, embroidered patches and promotional lanyards. With a manufacturing site of over 64,000 square meters and 2,000 sophisticated workers, plus the latest automatic electroplating plant and soft enamel color dispensing machines, we surpass our competitors in delivery time, quality and service, especially for large quantity required on short notice, or complicated designs needing experienced workers, Jin Sheu is the number one choice as we are equipped to offer integral services.

Serving 500 brands in 146 countries worldwide with more than 35 years of experience manufacturing Gift and Promotional Items, Jin Sheu is an expert.

Jin Sheu has been offering high-quality gift and promotional items with 100% satisfaction guaranteed‎. If you are looking for a trustworthy promotional product supplier with solid reputation, look no further than Jin Sheu.

Seasonal Products

Planning your list of seasonal products? Products that are related to holidays such as New Year, Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, graduations, summer vacations, etc., are selling in a seasonal pattern. And the demand for specific products during this time increases dramatically. Come and search your seasonal product ideas here. Whether you are buying for corporates, for schools, for clients, for employees, or developing products or gifts for proposals, we have the products for everyone. Don't forget to send us an inquiry if you are interested in our products or ideas!

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  • Custom Veterans Lapel Pins, Veteran Coins - Pins and coins for veterans
    Custom Veterans Lapel Pins, Veteran Coins

    The very first enamel pin was believed to be created in the thirteenth century in China. Following this historical artisanship, Jin Sheu has created numerous custom veteran lapel pins, veteran coins, and veteran badges that acknowledge and honor the veterans. Jin Sheu has adopted the traditional enameling approach and perfected the craft over the years. We follow the essence of the ancient technique and carry it forward with various innovative processes such as rainbow plating, UV printing on 3D surfaces, translucent enameling, and so on.

  • Back to Work Products! Back to School Supplies! - office stationery
    Back to Work Products! Back to School Supplies!

    Custom Desk Accessories Wholesale! Help to make the transition back to the offices and schools smoothly with these fantastic products! Find the perfect products and give the employees or students a warm welcome back! Custom stationery, cell phone and computer accessories all are at wholesale prices, all are customizable. We offer diversified custom stationery that is created in leather, metal or any other materials that can meet the specific demands of your target audience. Computer and mobile phone accessories, such as mousepads, phone sockets, leather desk mats, cable lanyards are always the popular picks. A nice thermal bottle is great to keep the beverage warm all day for the frigid winter weather. Prepare for a productive year with these great supplies. We also got you covered on the fight against pandemics when returning to offices or schools. Check out these personalized mask lanyards, sanitizing spray bottles and bottle holders, you are definitely on the right track to protect yourselves.

  • Most Trusted OEM/ODM factory for Enamel Pins and Award Medals - One-stop services for promotional & souvenir products.
    Most Trusted OEM/ODM factory for Enamel Pins and Award Medals

    Comprehensive services for customized promotional & souvenir products. Jin Sheu, the trusted partner and quality merchandise provider. The post-pandemic economy has regained its strength. People around the world are celebrating with live entertainment and sporting events. The demand for custom lapel pins, sporting medals and promotional giveaway products and services has rebounded. However, we are severely impacted by supply-chain disruption. The rising prices of raw materials, fuel, labor and commodity have caused the manufacturing overhead to skyrocket and the freight as well as warehousing costs to surge.

  • One-stop supplier for high-quality sports promotional giveaways - Sporting events and promtional giveaways
    One-stop supplier for high-quality sports promotional giveaways

    Why do people love sports this much?It’s the players who amaze and wow us with their mind-blowing skills and superhuman will during the entire game. The charisma they radiate captivates us and in some ways, offers us a connection to a different world where our troubles, stress and anxiety are released somehow. Capture and relive the exhilarating and inspiring moments from these epic sporting events with treasured memorabilia from Jin Sheu, which offers full lineups of medals, lapel pins, coins or figurines.Jin Sheu has been serving customers worldwide for nearly 4 decades. It is our aspiration to provide high quality products such as medals, coins and lapel pins to the sports enthusiasts. At Jin Sheu, our professional staff will offer expertise to create the perfect products that fully execute your design ideas with solutions tailored to your needs.

  • Olympic Medal of Paris 2024 - Olympic souvenirs
    Olympic Medal of Paris 2024

    The Tokyo Olympics has come to a grand finale, let’s look forward to the new Paris Summer Games 2024 with great excitement and anticipation. The logo for the Paris Olympics has been unveiled, and so has the medal design which takes on the idea of “made for sharing”. This unique design features the medal that can be split into four, allowing winning Olympic athletes to share the medals with their loved ones.

  • 2024 Summer Olympic Games - 2024 Summer Games
    2024 Summer Olympic Games

    The Olympic Games are considered the world's most prominent sporting events. Being held every four years with more than 200 nations participating, this is an international gathering that unites athletes throughout the world to celebrate the Olympic spirits. As the games draw the international spotlight, we not only witness the world’s top athletes to compete, but also their friendship, solidarity and sportsmanship.

  • Why Tactile Sensuous games are so popular? - popping sensory toy
    Why Tactile Sensuous games are so popular?

    Fidget toys come in different forms and sizes and are often advertised as stress or anxiety relievers. Why are tactile sensory fidget toys so popular? Fidget playing didn’t start with the popping toys or frantic spinners. In fact, not just for kids, adults are often found fidgeting when they spin a pen or click a ballpoint pen again and again unconsciously. Fidget items seem to have practical uses for calming and focus on both adults and children. Some people shared that fidget toys helped them to concentrate and stay focused. This might explain why people love to buy specialized spinning, squeezing, or popping toys to relieve stress, anxiety, or nervous energy.

  • 911 Memorial Product Manufacturer and Supplier - 911 souvenirs
    911 Memorial Product Manufacturer and Supplier

    The September 11th attacks, one of the most traumatic events in the history of America and also of the world, will never be forgotten. Memorial exhibitions and events are held every year to honor the victims of the tragic attacks. In commemorating the 9-11 attacks, promotional products suppliers propose the memorial products and giveaways at least 9 months ahead.

  • Custom Leather Anniversary Gifts & Business Corporate Giveaways Ideas Best 5 - Custom Leather Gifts Ideas
    Custom Leather Anniversary Gifts & Business Corporate Giveaways Ideas Best 5

    Looking for unique corporate gift ideas to wow your clients and customers? Leather has a wide range of applications and it is ideal for promotional purposes. Either to be used in the offices, or for travel and personal needs, leather is durable, sophisticated and therefore suitable for most of products. We are equipped with the state of the art machinery and Jin Sheu is your one-stop shop for a fine selection of leather souvenir items.Have a look at our various leather souvenir items and create designs based on your specifications. You will win many thumbs-ups for these leather items.

  • Souvenir Shops Promotional Items - Promotional Items for Souvenir Shops
    Souvenir Shops Promotional Items

    We serve the general gift and trend souvenir with a broad connection in resorts, museums, souvenir shops, zoos, aquarium, public lands, and many others.

  • Anniversary Giveaways Promotional Items - Promotional Items for Anniversary Giveaways
    Anniversary Giveaways Promotional Items

    There’s no better way to tell your clients and employees “thank you” with anniversary gifts from Jin Sheu! Show how much you value their works with everyday items like thermos bottles, keychains, umbrellas or mobile phone accessories like cellphone leather card holders, soft PVC charging pads. All products can be custom made with recognition. Express your gratitude with Years of Service lapel pins and highlight the years with different gemstone colors. Duffle bag is another practical & useful product to reward your employees. Find thoughtful and unique gift ideas from our full lines of products and say how much you appreciate!

  • Outdoor Activities Promotional Items - Promotional Items for Outdoor Activities
    Outdoor Activities Promotional Items

    Add more excitement with personalized giveaways for your outdoors events!! These promotional items make excellent corporate gifts for both of your employees and clients. Jin Sheu offers a wide selection of outdoor promotional products that are pefect for your marketing needs.

  • Office Stationery Promotional Items - Promotional Items for  Office Stationery
    Office Stationery Promotional Items

    “There was something very comfortable in having plenty of stationery.” ~ Charles Dickens ~People’s love affair with stationery has been around for hundreds of years. From children to adults, from school supplies to office items, we simply cannot get enough of it. Find a great deal of fabulous stationery products here in Jin Sheu and discover from paper memo stickers to leather bookmarks, pen holders or pencil cases. Every item can be custom built with your branded logo in printing or decorated with exquisite embossing or laser engraving at your desire. All stationery essentials for school or office are here at your disposal.

  • Mobile Phone Peripheral Items - Promotional Items for Mobile Phone
    Mobile Phone Peripheral Items

    A great deal of mobile phone accessories is within your reach! Check out our selections and you will be amazed by these brilliantly designed multi-functional tools.Imagine how fantastic it is to own a handy mobile phone stand while watching your favorite series on Netflix? Definitely a best-buy with this 3 in 1 No Touch Door Opener & Phone Holder with Stylus. Our Popsocket Phone Grip and Phone Ring Holder both work fabulously as phone stands at the same time. The Silicone Credit Card Holder, which is also a phone grip and a phone stand, is another terrific item that just cannot be missed!!Need to recharge your phone after all that binge-watching? We have you covered!! Duo Charging Cable Lanyard that is compatible with iPhone® devices on one side and micro USB devices on the flip side keeps you connected the whole time! In this smartphone obsessed world that we live in now, don’t forget to cover up the camera on your devices with privacy webcam covers when not in use. All products can be personalized with branded logos. Catch up and contact your sales rep today!

  • Travel Promotional Items - Promotional Items for Travel
    Travel Promotional Items

    Plan your next getaway with a great selection of travel promotional items from Jin Sheu. A comfortable and relaxing trip can never be easier when you own one of our embroidered luggage crew tags. Take advantage of personalized luggage tags and luggage belts, you can effortlessly spot your suitcases on baggage carousel and avoid headaches caused from lost luggage. Make sure to protect your passport in our quality leather passport holder and organize your hygiene items in one of our premium leather zipper bags. Last but not the least, safeguard your favorite piece of luggage case with the luggage cover made from superior fabric that is stretchy and dependable against dirt & scratch marks. All these wonderful products can be customized to meet your personal preference and increase brand awareness while traveling at the same time. Check out more travel promotional items from our website and contact your sales rep right away.

  • Promotional Gift for Cat Person - Promotional Gift for Cat Person
    Promotional Gift for Cat Person

    There is one thing that no one would deny: there are more and more pet owners now! And what about you? Are you a dog person or a cat person? Here we have sorted out several promotional gifts recommended for cat people! There are mobile phone cases, mobile phone grip stand, eco-friendly shopping bags, bookmarks, sticky notes, hanging car air fresheners, metal lapel pins and tin button badges etc. which can help you to express your own personality as well as help other who meet you in the first time could start a quick conversation with you by talking about these cutest furkids!

  • Existing Zinc Alloy Airplane Keychains - Custom Zinc Alloy Airplane Keychains
    Existing Zinc Alloy Airplane Keychains

    Jin Sheu is a manufacturer & global supplier of customized metal key chains, we also provide common and trendy open designed keychains for customers to choose from. We provide series of airplane, helicopter and fighter aircraft jet key chains. MOQ of each design is 500pcs and finishing is changeable by customers’ request, custom logos can be made on attached charms, any shape/size and colors are available. These existing airplane key chains include 2D and 3D cubic designs; some of the items decorated with rotatable propeller and wheels (kindly check the video below). Please refer to below content & image for your better understanding.

  • Custom made embroidery products - Personalized embroidery products
    Custom made embroidery products

    Embroidery is a traditional craftsmanship commonly applied on garments, hats, bags, purse and neckerchief…etc., as it becomes popular and adorable, customers generate more promotional/souvenir products with embroidery techniques which include embroidery key chains, embroidery bookmarks, embroidery luggage tags, embroidery wristband and headband, embroidery corner bookmarks and embroidery charms. We expect customers create more souvenir items with embroidery, the more the better. Send your design with specification clarified, we are glad to offer our competitive unit price or provide our professional suggestions.

  • Proposal for Children's Amusement Park & Attractions - Proposal for Children's Amusement Park & Attractions
    Proposal for Children's Amusement Park & Attractions

    Are you looking for items suitable to kids and young children? Look no further! We can help find the right item for your brand! We have a wide range of products from keychains, water bottle holders, drawstring bag packs, PVC medals, mobile phone accessories and stationery items and we have successfully finished a lot of customized promotional giveaways for children and teenagers, we are sure we have some proposals for your reference.Following are some items which are favorable to kids, and we believe they are attractive items that would relive kid’s favorite amusement park memories.

  • Custom Religious Souvenirs - Personalized church gifts
    Custom Religious Souvenirs

    Metal religious souvenirs are always popular everywhere and Jin Sheu is good at manufacturing customized metal religious products such as lapel pins, brooches, key chains, coins, necklaces, cufflinks, tie bars and pendants or charms. Because of high end quality and polishing, these religious souvenirs can be used as an evangelism item for religious activities or message and teachings, also as a gift for your beloveds too, to fill their home with hope, faith, and holiness.Create your own metal souvenirs or keepsakes for church visitors, provide your creative designs with photo, jpg file or PDF, spec. and quantity, let Jin Sheu complete your job precisely and help you boost your sales with vintinge religious souvenirs.

  • Personalized Europe souvenirs - Personalised memento gift
    Personalized Europe souvenirs

    Jin Sheu is good at manufacturing all kinds of personalized Europe souvenirs with the design of your own tourist location! It's always a good idea to commemorate your trip with a local souvenirs. You can count on JIN SHEU to complete your job with high end quality.Looking for gift ideas keepsakes? Buy European souvenirs to share with friends and family. Our European buyers always show personalized souvenir ideas with local characteristics and order unique souvenirs to that country.We offer custom metal craft since 1991, such as personalized metal keychains, personalized lapel pins, custom leather key chains, Custom made challenge coins, metal medals, customized bottle openers, custom ornaments, souvenir spoon, carnival medals and more. We dedicated to transforming customers’ innovative and creative designs into premium and exquisite souvenirs and earned customers’ credits gradually. With customers’ trust, we develop more custom made promotional souvenirs made of silicone, soft PVC, neoprene, EVA foam…and so on. Once a customer commence a business with Jin Sheu, they stay with us for long term business relationships.Please browse our versatile souvenir ideas online and create different types of souvenirs. Design your own souvenirs and leave your case to our sales team, we can quote you prices accordingly or bring up feasible suggestions, with your confirmation we can complete your design into quality souvenir products.

  • Chinese Zodiac Coins - Custom Chinese Lucky Coin
    Chinese Zodiac Coins

    Chinese New Year is the most significant holiday on the calendar, and Chinese Zodiac coins are popular during specific season as it metaphor bringing lucky and fortunate. We produce customized zodiac coins to celebrate the Year of the Pig. High quality Chinese New Year coin is made of brass material, 3D relief on both sides, bright and matte contract, highly polished with mirror effect, our zodiac coins definitely will make you keep it in your pocket all the time.Jin Sheu produce Chinese zodiac coins with our own designs as an end-year gift to our valuable customers, we wish these zodiac coins can bring fortunate and lucky to our customers as well. If you intend to send lucky coins to your employees or memberships, just design your logos on both sides, let Jin Sheu transfer your design and manufacture your Lucky coins with high-end quality.

  • ECO friendly promotional products - ECO friendly promotional items
    ECO friendly promotional products

    We love our planet earth, and aim to help companies around the nation enhance their brand with eco-friendly promotional items, one of the best marketing strategies to boost your companies/ logos and brands. Jin Sheu Enterprise produces customized ECO promotional products made with organic, recyclable, biodegradable and social compliant materials.We're a green company. Annually, we provide various content test reports concerning raw materials applied to lanyards and silicone items. Our ECO friendly promotional products include biodegradable PET lanyards, felt fabric application, non-woven bags, silicone items, Silicone Portable Cup and beverage silicone cap, personalized designs welcome only. You can entrust Jin Sheu to generate your next promotional giveaway with our ECO friendly elements, we are sure you will get superior quality as well as appealing to the majority of consumers and potential clients that champion green-living.

  • Military Merchandise - Custom made Military Memorabilia
    Military Merchandise

    Looking for a way to show your support for Military or Army? Great novelty military merchandise and awards. Show your military support. One-stop supplier of high-quality Military Gifts. Jin Sheu Enterprise Co., Ltd. features of manufacturing custom military coins, military cap badges, hat pins, military dog tags, military medallions, military rings, military belt buckles, military wallet, military buttons, award plaque, award ribbon, military patches, and more. We are proud that we have accomplished thousands of military items to worldwide, especially for USA, UK, Germany, France, Australia and some African countries.More than 30 years' OEM experience in custom made Military Merchandise and Awards. We supply personalized military themed gifts. We currently work with the U.S. Armed Forces, Law Enforcement agencies, Military Insignia, patriotic gear and accessories for the US Army, US Navy, Air Force, USMC, US Coast Guard and Marine Corps. We can provide outstanding quality, superior customer service and competitive prices which entitle Jin Sheu as a reliable military supplier.Combined with our years of experience and extensive know-how on global logistics, we are able to provide customized gifts and premiums. Please offer the size/ quantity/ picture of your design, then we can quote you the competitive prices. We pride ourselves in delivering fast, smart, end-to-end customer service. If any questions need more information, please contact us freely!

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