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Jin Sheu Enterprise, founded in 1984, is a leading manufacturer and exporter of lapel pins, key chains, medals, military coins, belt buckles, embroidered patches and promotional lanyards. With a manufacturing site of over 64,000 square meters and 2,000 sophisticated workers, plus the latest automatic electroplating plant and soft enamel color dispensing machines, we surpass our competitors in delivery time, quality and service, especially for large quantity required on short notice, or complicated designs needing experienced workers, Jin Sheu is the number one choice as we are equipped to offer integral services.

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Lapel Pins

Jin Sheu Enterprise produces all kinds of promotional Lapel Pins, especially for customized Lapel Pins.

1. Official release and sales of badges generate revenue. 2. Sponsors can extend consumers’ attention to the brands and the Olympic Games events via the badge exchange promoted by the Olympic Committee. 3. During the Olympic Games period, people can interact with each other by way of badge exchange, without any need to converse with each other, which can also lead to a start of friendship and interaction. 4. Athletes of different nationalities, via the exchange of the national delegation badge, can initiate a courteous encounter with opponents of the same competition so that foes can be turned into friends. 5. During the Olympic Games, the badge exchange seems to have become an unlisted official competition for each Game, and its popularity is no less than the official competitions. 6. The “for exchange only” spirits see in collectors from all over the world, who convene for the sake of badges, with much excitement that one has for treasure hunting in garage sales. 7. Each badge holds a different value in different people. Someone may have many of the same item which happens to be sought after by someone else. Such enthusiasm akin to that of a secret cult is what makes the badge exchange such a long-lasting event.
1. Wear a badge and you become a collector. 2. Wear two or more badges, and it means you are already a badge trader. 3. Do not wear a badge that is not for trading. The first basic rule in badge trading is that if you wear a badge, then it’s for trading. 4. If you have badges that you do not want traded, please separate them from other badges and clearly inform people that these are not for trading. 5. Wearing a badge waistcoat, Lanyard, scarf or carrying a badge bag indicates you are a seasoned professional badge trader, enthusiastic in trading. 6. Do not force a trade. Always make sure the trade is fair. Should you feel uncomfortable of a trade, you only need to simply say no. 7. Get to know your badge collection, ask around and pass on your knowledge on badges. 8. Tell people the categories of your badge collection which will lead you to further exploration. 9. Be patient and do not beg for badge. This is usually the hardest lesson in badge collection. 10. It is extremely impolite to interrupt a trade. Should this occur, you only need to simply say “I am sorry, but I will talk to you in a minute.” 11. If you are not certain of the origin, manufactured quantities, publication date of a badge, be honest. Honesty is always the best policy. 12. Should you encounter anyone trading knock offs, knock them off! 13. After completing the badge exchange, remember to thank the person engaged in the exchange with you. 14. Collecting badges is not for their increasing value, but for the fun and memory that they will bring you.
Please provide your requested size, quantity, artwork, material and process, we’ll provide unit price and set up fee for your reference. The more details you offer, the more accurate price shall be provided.
You could choose the process as below: kindly click on the image for process details.
Die casting is a metal casting process that is characterized by forcing molten metal under high pressure into a mold cavity. Once the mold cavity is filled, the pressure is maintained until the casting solidifies after cooling down. Then the half-finished products would be polished, electroplated and color-filled.
We’ll prepare film which has your design already and then transfer your design from film onto a sheet of brass. Your design would be etched by acid chemical, and then we’ll have the brass with electroplating and color-filling.
Imitation hard enamel is invented in early 1990 and also named Soft cloisonne or synthetic cloisonne. It would be filled into the stamped metal first, and have polishing and electroplating afterwards. It is hard to tell the difference between real hard enamel and imitation hard enamel colors, but if you stab the color parts with knife point, imitation hard enamel colors will get visible marks, however real hard enamel colors won't because hard enamel colors are as hard as tiles.
There are stamped iron with soft enamel/ stamped brass with soft enamel/ photo etched brass with soft enamel/ die cast zinc alloy or spin cast pewter with soft enamel, a lot of procedures or materails can be filled with soft enaml colors. Prices of soft enamel pins are usually cheaper than hard enamel or imitation hard enamel pins. Colors are liquid stage and can be mixed to the pantone numbers as instructions. Colors are stored in syringes and applied by injection. Our soft enamel colors comply with the standards of ASTM F963-11 and CPSIA.
Offset printing is also named 4 color process printing (Cyan / Magenta/ Yellow & K-Black), no matter how many colors involved in the art, we charge the printing set up fee for 4 colors if there is no metal border left on the edge or 5 colors if metal border is necessary on the edge, the extra one is for white background color. Generally speaking, if the pins must be made by offset printing, there should be no PMS numbers instruction because we will use CMYK to present the colors. Offset printed lapel pins are perfect for designs that contain gradient colors. We’ll print your motif on the metal and then die cut each piece.
The silkscreen process offers the best solution for your pin when your designs require precise, color-on-color detailing. Generally speaking, silkscreen printing is also named as solid color printing and each block or area with only one color involved. Silkscreen printing can be made as many colors as your wish and the colors can be matched with nominated Pantone numbers. Same as offset printing, we’ll print your motif on the metal and then die cut each piece.
Epoxy usually will be applied to the items related with soft enamel colors, hard enamel and imitation hard enamel items will never choose epoxy. If you want your pins have domed surface, the epoxy resin would be an option for you. You could add epoxy on the surface of the pin, which could avoid the paint or color from flaking off and discoloration. However, the epoxy itself might oxidize and discolor after few years.
There are kinds of material that can be applied to custom lapel pins. Such as brass, copper, iron, stainless Steel, aluminum, pewter and zinc alloy. If you have no idea which material is better for your design, just drop an inquiry to us and we will offer our suggestion after evaluating your design, quantity, budget and delivery time, finally turning your ideas into affordable and eye-catching custom lapel pins!
The most common electroplating finishing for lapel pin are gold and nickel plating, however except gold and nickel, there are other choices for options such as copper, brass or bronze, black nickel, antique gold, antique silver, antique copper, antique bronze, satin gold, satin silver and two tone finishing. In order to lead customer choose right plating of their wishes and avoid misunderstanding, Jin Sheu prepared a Plating Chart for reference. This chart covers 90% of our finishing. Although there might be some difference between the screen effect and physical sample, it is a helpful guide for new customers. We can offer this Plating chart as a free sample after 5 formal orders completed.
Normally the electroplating color could last at least 1-2 years, but the actual situation would depend on how you keep and use the product. (i.e. exposure to sun and humidity are both the possible factors of color-fade.)
The minimum order quantity (MOQ) is 100 pcs.
The Pantone Color Matching System is largely a standardized color reproduction system. By standardizing the colors, different manufacturers in different locations can all refer to the Pantone system to make sure colors match without direct contact with one another. You may refer to for more information.
Please kindly send us vector art in “CDR” or “AI” or “EPS” format for our further procedure. If you could only provide JPG file, please save the file in CMYK format. Additionally, we must have your guarantee that the file is your originality or you own the authorization, and the file won’t be changed in any circumstance while we open it. The resolution of “JPG” file must be 300dpi or above, otherwise objects will be vague while enlarging the arts.
Since the mold was already created while sampling, and it’s not allowed to make any revision afterwards. We’d strongly suggest you to confirm all details before sampling.
You could choose offset printing for your design.
Here are the options as below, from standard metal butterfly clutch or rubber butterfly clutch to tie tac and various styles and sizes of safety pins. You may have one more option of strong magnet, if lapel pin is made of iron or stainless steel, one piece magnet is enough to hold your lapel pin, if lapel pin is made of other than iron/ stainless steel, 2 pieces magnets are necessary.