Badge Exchange Etiquettes


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Jin Sheu Badge Exchange Etiquettes Introduction

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Badge Exchange Etiquettes

1. Wear a badge and you become a collector.
2. Wear two or more badges, and it means you are already a badge trader.
3. Do not wear a badge that is not for trading. The first basic rule in badge trading is that if you wear a badge, then it’s for trading.
4. If you have badges that you do not want traded, please separate them from other badges and clearly inform people that these are not for trading.
5. Wearing a badge waistcoat, Lanyard, scarf or carrying a badge bag indicates you are a seasoned professional badge trader, enthusiastic in trading.
6. Do not force a trade. Always make sure the trade is fair. Should you feel uncomfortable of a trade, you only need to simply say no.
7. Get to know your badge collection, ask around and pass on your knowledge on badges.
8. Tell people the categories of your badge collection which will lead you to further exploration.
9. Be patient and do not beg for badge. This is usually the hardest lesson in badge collection.
10. It is extremely impolite to interrupt a trade. Should this occur, you only need to simply say “I am sorry, but I will talk to you in a minute.”
11. If you are not certain of the origin, manufactured quantities, publication date of a badge, be honest. Honesty is always the best policy.
12. Should you encounter anyone trading knock offs, knock them off!
13. After completing the badge exchange, remember to thank the person engaged in the exchange with you.
14. Collecting badges is not for their increasing value, but for the fun and memory that they will bring you.