A professional manufacturer and exporter for custom made lapel pins, medals, commemoratory coins, key chains, buckles, police badges as well as other promotional giveaway items.


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Jin Sheu Metal Line Introduction

Jin Sheu Enterprise Co., Ltd. is Taiwan, China supplier and manufacturer in Gift and Premiums Industry. Jin Sheu has been offering our customers high quality Metal Emblems, Pin Badges, Metal Key Chains, Medals, Challenge Coins, Police Badge, Car Emblems, Belt Buckles, Promotional Lanyard, Embroidery Patches since 1984. With both advanced technology and 31 years experience, Jin Sheu always make sure to meet each customer's demand.

Metal Line

Jin Sheu’s China factory is the biggest manufacturer for custom made lapel pins, metal emblems, challenge coins, medals, buckles and other bespoken metal souvenirs. We produce not only die struck emblems, photo etched and printed pins, but also specialize manufacturing spin casted pewter and die casted alloy items. From the 1st step of artwork preparing to the last package, we control every step in house, thus we are famous for our high end quality.
Zinc alloy is an excellent material for 2D or 3D cubic designs that have empty spaces within or for miniature-sized designs with mechanical functions such as moving and spinning pieces.
According to the attachment of the emblems (butterfly clutch/ key chains/ coins/ tie bars…etc.), goods are fixed on racks by hanging/ clamping or winding. Then the racks are transported smoothly from one location to another by hanging tracks which cause zero colliding, the immersion time in plating chemicals controlled by computer reduces man made negligence and premature judgment. Plating with axis of rotation replaces handmade rocking creates even finishing. After the finishing procedure is finished, metals conveyed by track and removed from racks; all the goods will be individually protected with tray or fixed on plate for next produce. No scratches can take place between each procedure. High end quality achieved by series elaborate procedures, we expect all your orders as future witness.
There’s a question we received very often, “Should I use an epoxy covering on our lapel pins?” Due to epoxy is used as a protective covering, if the pin badges are going to be worn for years or if you prefer the pin badge with flat surface, epoxy is a good idea. For soft enamel materials, such as die struck brass with soft enamel or Photo Etched soft enamel or die struck iron soft enamel, the epoxy are optional. But 99% of printed pins with epoxy covered. You can choose thick or thin epoxy, such as epoxy dome means thick epoxy or flat epoxy means thin one.
We are specialized manufacturing custom challenge coins for military, government agencies, organizations, retailers and corporations worldwide. There are 9 patterns of coin edge for your option. Please check below link for the video of the making process and the photo of edge patterns.
The is the process of fusion nail. The special nails are imported from USA as well as the fusion machines. The nail made by fusion way is very sturdy. Since the cost for this fitting is much higher than regular spur nail, we offer this service only after customers' request.
Laser engraving is widely used in various types of metal products, such as metal badges, commemorative coins, sport medals, military medallions, key rings, tie bars (tie clip), dog tags etc.. Laser engraved logo won’t fade out by frequent touch or friction and the cost is affordable, it is the best way to create individual names without increasing the cost of individual dies.
This is the procedure for sandblasting. 3D cubic is not suitable for sandblasting, only 2D flat design is workable. 3D cubic is suitable for foggy painting or antique finishing. Zinc Alloy and Iron material are not suitable either, mainly because the afterword electroplating is thicker which cover the sandy surface and lessen the sandblasting effects.