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Over 35 Years of Lapel Pins, Medals, Commemoratory Coins, Key Chains, Buckles | Promotional Products & Items Supply - Jin Sheu

Jin Sheu Enterprise, founded in 1984, is a leading manufacturer and exporter of lapel pins, key chains, medals, military coins, belt buckles, embroidered patches and promotional lanyards. With a manufacturing site of over 64,000 square meters and 2,000 sophisticated workers, plus the latest automatic electroplating plant and soft enamel color dispensing machines, we surpass our competitors in delivery time, quality and service, especially for large quantity required on short notice, or complicated designs needing experienced workers, Jin Sheu is the number one choice as we are equipped to offer integral services.

Serving 500 brands in 146 countries worldwide with more than 35 years of experience manufacturing Gift and Promotional Items, Jin Sheu is an expert.

Jin Sheu has been offering high-quality gift and promotional items with 100% satisfaction guaranteed‎. If you are looking for a trustworthy promotional product supplier with solid reputation, look no further than Jin Sheu.

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Our metal factory has a number of outstanding products and crafting experts who have many years of experience and practical applications in the metal souvenir and promotional products. Our factory owns state-of-the-art equipment with in-house water treatment established to prevent water pollution. We have a total area of 18000 square meters. The factory has been running for more than 25 years and we have established a complete sales and after-sales service system. We provide customers with comprehensive supporting services based on our own expertise and experience.

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Jin Sheu China factory is the biggest manufacturer in capacity and turnover for custom made lapel pins, metal emblems, challenge coins, medals, buckles, and other bespoken metal souvenirs. We produce die-struck emblems, photo-etched and printed pins, and specialized manufacturing spin cast pewter and die-casted alloy items. We own one of the two electroplating licenses in Dongguan city; while others complete electroplating in specific industrial areas, our metal emblems are finished in our own plants. From the 1st step of artwork preparing to QC and the last package, we control every step in the house; thus, we are famous for our high-end quality.
Artwork preparing is the 1st step before molds engraving, we have to evaluate all the details of your designs and redraw a new artwork for your approval. If your designs can’t be manufactured exactly, we will simplify or modify some parts or bring up suggestions for your evaluation, if cost will be changed, sales rep. will advise customers before mold engraving. Artwork department separate 2D and 3D and new scanning machine. Artwork fee is about USD10 each and it is refundable if order is confirmed.
Die struck lapel pin designs are created on a metal block that called die. The die is struck onto metal sheet to imprint the lapel pin details. A cut die is also created to cut out the shape of the metal sheet where the design is stamped to form each individual lapel pin. A die and cut die for external shape are a necessary pair to create a lapel pin.Molds for die struck lapel pins in 2D designs are engraved painstakingly by our experienced master workers. 3D molds for die struck and all zinc alloy processes will be completed with CNC machines. Rubber molds for pewter cast pins are also prepared in the same molding department. Our capacity for engraving molds is about 120~150 pieces per day. All the dies and molds are created in our own factory.
Die stamping machines and external shape cutting machines are the largest number machines we owned in factory. Most of stamping machines are controlled by foot and external shape cutting is handled by hands, plus jumbo-sized stamping machines, automatic stamping machines and hydraulic stamping machines, Jin Sheu surpasses our competitors not only in scale, in capacity also trumps in quality and delivery time.
Pewter is an excellent material for 3D cubic or miniature-sized lapel pins, key chains, jewelry brooches, charms or paper weight… etc., especially for small quantity 3D cubic designs, pewter is more flexible than zinc alloy because rubber molds can be completed easier than steel molds and spin casting is faster than die casting. The shapes are formed by spin casting, almost any shapes or reliefs are achievable, inner cutout or empty spaces are easily formed without any cost increased.
Zinc alloy has become the top list material nominated by customers for manufacturing their badges, emblems, and medallions. It is an excellent material for 2D & 3D cubic designs with empty spaces within, for fully cubic miniatures, or designs with mechanical functions such as moving and spinning badges, we will recommend spin-casted zinc alloy. Because of more economical than brass material and has wider applications in various situations, zinc alloy becomes more popular than before. We are proud of our exquisite quality for both die struck emblems and zinc alloy made pins and badges.
Color department consists of hard enamel coloring; imitation hard enamel coloring, soft enamel coloring and automatic soft enamel coloring. Enamel coloring is the most time-consuming procedure in the whole production lines, also the largest department in number of workers. In recent years, in order to control the cost and delivery time of our products, we have purchased 20 more automatic coloring machines, when there is new version of auto soft enamel coloring machines, we are happy to purchase them.
This workshop is specifically for hard enamel and imitation hard enamel pins & emblems. The surplus colors covered on pins and badges must be removed with stoning or grinding, workers have to control the seconds of stoning / grinding, over strength or over seconds will cause metal line too thick; less effort or less second, motifs & texts will not emerge exactly. Grinding must be coordinated with eyes and hands.
In order to accomplish world-wide customers’ various designs, Jin Sheu always willing recruit latest machines, equipment and instruments. In our hand printing department, there are silkscreen printing, pad printing, automatic pad printing and digital UV printing. Silkscreen printing is applied for solid color printing and the printed surface must be flat, pad printing is used for offset printing (CMYK printing) or solid printing on soft enamel pins (surfaces are not flat). Digital UV printing is the latest one which colors can be formed at one time by spraying.
Printed pin is one of our specialties, no matter silkscreen printing or offset printing, we equip all the machineries from 1st step to the last package, everything procedure is in-house made. Silkscreen/ offset printed lapel pins can copy exact details of your logos in full colors, there is no metal line separating each color and printing can extend to the edge. If your case with limited budget or required within short time, printed lapel pins will be a good choice. Standard metal plates prepared for printed jobs are brass, stainless steel and aluminum, you can choose your favor metal or take our advices. 99% of printed pins with epoxy covered for color protection.
According to the attachment of the emblems (butterfly clutch/ key chains/ coins/ tie bars…etc.), goods are fixed on racks by hanging/ clamping or winding. Then the racks are transported smoothly from one location to another by hanging tracks which cause zero colliding, the immersion time in plating chemicals controlled by computer reduces man made negligence and premature judgment. Plating with axis of rotation replaces handmade rocking creates even finishing. After the finishing procedure is finished, metals conveyed by track and removed from racks; all the goods will be individually protected with tray or fixed on plate for next produce. No scratches can take place between each procedure. High end quality achieved by series elaborate procedures, we expect all your orders as future witness.
Sewage water plant is the most expensive equipment in our factory. Waste water plant is constructed according to China government’s regulations and supervised periodically by local government. In Dongguan city, there are only 2 legal electroplating licenses and Jin Sheu owns one of them because of sewage water plant. Our factory has been credited as a “Green Label” enterprise in year of 2008. Proudly, we strive to produce quality pins and badges and to protect our environment.
A subtle procedure make big difference. All the die struck and die casted items will be polished before electroplating, make sure the whole surface is smooth and shiny. No matter soft enamel colors, hard enamel color, imitation hard enamel colors or with no colors, metal emblems must be wax polished. Jin Sheu’s polishing department consist of automatic polishing and hand polishing, workers will separate the jobs to different lines according to the designs. Waxes applied for polishing also with categories for various effects. Jin Sheu’s quality trump the others because we care the details.
Due to epoxy is used as a protective covering, if the pin badges are going to be worn for years or if you prefer the pin badge with flat surface, epoxy is a good idea. For soft enamel materials, such as die struck brass, photo etched soft enamel or die struck iron soft enamel, the epoxy is optional and you can choose thin (flat epoxy) or thick (epoxy dome). As to printed pins (offset printing or silkscreen printing), epoxy covering is necessary as it protect printed colors from scratches.
We are specialized manufacturing custom challenge coins for military, government agencies, organizations, retailers and corporations worldwide. There are 9 patterns of coin edge for your option. Please check below link for the video of the making process and the photo of edge patterns.
Gem stones or crystal stones are commonly applied on badges and emblems especially for the service lapel pins or emblems. You can use the colors or the number of gem stones to represent the different years’ of service. All the gem stones are glued by hands one by one, and we will check the fixture with tapes before shipment.
Both our fusion nails and fusion nail machines are imported from USA. Fusion nail is unique nail, which tip will explode instantly and drill into the metal base to get a perfect weld on lapel pins. Fusion nails are frequently required on military or police related pins and badges as fittings on backside must be firmed and free from fall off after hundred times of usages.
Silver soldering is much stronger than tin soldering. While tin soldering is mostly applied for lapel pins and safety pins, silver soldering will be required for cufflinks, tie bars and ribbon bars. It consumes time to do silver soldering, workers have to control the fire as well the position of each badges and emblems.
In order to save the mold charge for identical medals with different names, letters, titles or numbers in small quantity request, we provide engraving job as a kind of service. Laser engraved logos, names and numbers do not easily fade through they are frequently touched, it is the best way to create individual names and consecutive numbers without raising the cost of individual dies. Sizes and fonts can be edited; color filling is available by increasing the engraving time to get deeper grooves. Laser engraving is widely used in various types of metal products, such as metal badges, commemorative coins, sport medals, military medallions, key rings, tie bars (tie clip), dog tags etc..
There is always QC step before goods run in next procedure and final quality check is more critical before package. We will measure the size and thickness, examine the colors, fitting and electroplating, anything is not qualified will be rejected and remake the shortage immediately.
Package department is the 2nd largest department in number of workers in our factory. While most the manufactures sub-contracting the package jobs to the satellite factories, we still centralize all the procedures in our factory plant. It saves travel time back and forth between factories and avoids collide during transportation. Most important is we are professional to fulfill complicated packing instructions.
Sandblasted background is a surface treatment process for emblems and medals, the finished products always with matte effects. It commonly applied on 2D designed emblems without any colors filled, and in order create two tone finishing, we will sandblast the whole emblems and then highly polish the raised metals, contrast of bright and matte will show up. Sandblasting creates finer and more even patterns than granulating, however it is not suitable for 3D cubic designs.
Photo Etching is an alternative way to form custom logos, and all the etched logos will be shallowly recessed or etched through with open areas. Except for lapel pins, photo etching is widely used in brass bookmarks, Christmas hanging ornaments, a nameplate for plaque, and metallic business name cards…. The brass plate is the best material for photo etching; however, stainless steel and aluminum plates are available for acid etching. The depth of etched logos can be varied by controlling etching time, shallow recessed or etched through as empty holes are all feasible according to your artworks.The process is transferring the logo from a film to a sheet of metal, then acid-etched, clean up the acids and other impurities, hand-fill soft enamel colors to recessed area of the pins, then baked at temperature of 160 degrees centigrade. An optional epoxy coating can be added to top of pins to keep the colors from fading and cracking, also have smooth surface of pins.
We use the same grinding machine for both Hard Enamel & Imitation Hard Enamel material, but the grinding wheels set inside are different. Grinding wheels prepared for Hard Enamel Colors are more coarse, however the wheels set for Imitation Hard Enamel Colors are finer.
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