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Popular Gusset Styles for Leather Wallets

Choose the Right Gusset to Enhance Your Design

four different gussets applications
four different gussets applications

Leather is one of the most popular materials used for wallets and bags. With the right and suitable gussets installed in your wallet or bags, not only does it increase the functionality of the piece greatly, but it also enhances the style significantly. As a professional manufacturer and supplier for leather products, we are able to produce the leather wallet and bags that are catered to your requirements. Here we have exhibited four types of gussets applications for your considerations on your next wallet ideas.

V gusset or bamboo leaf gusset
When a V gusset or bamboo leaf gusset is unfolded, the top is wide and the bottom is narrow and connected. This design finds a perfect balance between lightweight and storage, it is most suitable for paper bills, credit cards, and loose change. The overall dimension is slim, not bulky which makes it a popular element for front wallets, clutch wallets.
Expandable gusset or full gusset
Unlike the V gusset, this rectangular gusset has a wide bottom that is the same width as the top so that it maximizes its storage capacity and is perfect for people who take storage room as the top priority. This type of gusset requires greater craftsmanship as it is not easy to sew around the contour areas with a machine, only the experienced ones can achieve this fine quality works.
Accordion style gusset
When a series of V gussets or full gussets are assembled together, we get an accordion style gusset or snake belly gusset as some like to call it. This type of pocket provides ample space for storage and therefore some heavy duty sewing especially around the corners is required to reinforce the gussets from breaking off when holding up heavy volume content.
The box gusset
This fun, box-like opening style is collapsible and folds or unfolds like a small box. It’s light and compact which fits nicely in your hand and great for holding loose coins. Box gusset can be seen quite commonly for coin cases.