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Leather Wine Bottle Holder

Leather Wine Bottle Carrier w/ Grape Die Cut Pattern

leather wine pouch
leather wine pouch

Apart from PU leather, the other type of faux leather that is often used is PVC leather or simply referred to as Vinyl sometimes. This variety of leather wine bottle holders comes with metal handles that provide a firm grip and a hollowed-out grape pattern on the lower front side which catches the focal point of this product. There are five stock colors for selection, and no mold charge is required. For corporate gift purposes, we are able to silk print any branded logo on the wine holder without additional setup charges.


  • Material: PVC (Vinyl) leather
  • Size: around 43 x 15cm for single wine bottle; around 43 x 24cm for two wine bottles
  • Logo: screen printing
  • Stock Colors: navy, red, brown, orange and black or customizable with MOQ requirement
  • Features: metal reinforced handle; grape cutout pattern on the front
  • MOQ: 200pcs
  • Roomy space that fits standard 750ml wine bottles
Leather wine bag with five stock colors, single or dual bottle model selection
Very similar to PU leather, PVC faux leather fabric is very versatile and can be utilized in a wide application. The wine bag we've launched is made from high-quality PVC leather fabric. There are five stock colors in single-bottle or two-bottle selecions.
Which faux leather is better for your wine bottle holder?
Both PVC leather and PU leather have similar layering constructions: a fabric leather backing, a middle layer, and then a surface base coating. PVC uses a thicker bottom layer and makes it thicker and tougher overall than PU leather, so PU leather is thinner and more flexible to work in comparison. PU leather has more pores on its surface so it is more breathable as opposed to PVC leather. To make the best decision on the material, fully understand the main purpose of your product and find the most suitable one for it.
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