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Jin Sheu Enterprise, founded in 1984, is a leading manufacturer and exporter of Embossed PVC Patches, lapel pins, key chains, medals, military coins, belt buckles, embroidered patches and promotional lanyards. With a manufacturing site of over 64,000 square meters and 2,000 sophisticated workers, plus the latest automatic electroplating plant and soft enamel color dispensing machines, we surpass our competitors in delivery time, quality and service, especially for large quantity required on short notice, or complicated designs needing experienced workers, Jin Sheu is the number one choice as we are equipped to offer integral services.

Serving 500 brands in 146 countries worldwide with more than 35 years of experience manufacturing Gift and Promotional Items, Jin Sheu is an expert.

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Embossed PVC Patches

commonly applied on military and law enforcement uniforms

Embossed PVC Patches
Embossed PVC Patches

Embossed PVC Patches can replace the traditional and common embroidered patches or woven emblems or metal-mounted emblems, and can be produced with more economical PVC, TPU or Rubber emblems. Gold & Silver metallic colors on embossed PVC patches or embossed PVC epaulettes also can be replicated on PVC or TPU. Perfect for the military insignia, police or famous branded logo patch or decal stickers, and gives a glossy and classy performance.


  • By request, embossed logos can be made of PVC/ TPU/Rubber or Silicone.
  • Gold & Silver metallic colors can be duplicated on PVC or TPU.
  • Embossed logos have faster delivery time and are more cost effective than metal logos.
  • Embossed logos are commonly applied on military and law enforcement uniforms.
How to apply Embossed PVC or TPU patches onto a T-shirt or an uniform?
1) If plain on backside: PVC or TPU patches should be sewn on
2) If iron-on backside: Place the patches at the right place → Set your iron with temperature of 120°~140°C → Iron on from the backside of clothes instead of on top of patches → Press about 12~15 seconds
3) If Velcro on backside: The male piece will be sewn on the backside of patches; and the female piece should be sewn on your clothes or uniform.
4) If double adhesive tape on backside: Apply it on your clothing or uniform directly
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Result 1 - 24 of 31