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Temporary tattoo sticker, Body Tattoo Sticker / Over 31 years of Custom Temporary Tattoo Stickers experience.


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Custom Temporary Tattoo Stickers

Temporary tattoo sticker, Body Tattoo Sticker

Fashionable water transfer tattoo stickers
Fashionable water transfer tattoo stickers

Body Tattoo Stickers are non-toxic stickers which are safe for children. Customized designs, colors and any writing tattoo of all kinds are available. Temporary tattoo stickers are commonly applied on waist, shoulder, arm, leg, chest and hip almost everywhere of body. Tattoo sticker is a great ideal to demonstrate teamwork sprits; decorate your body to match some dresses or to show your supports in parade; also a good decoration for summer season or in the beach.


  • Step1: Clean your skin with alcohol or soap to insure your body is greaseless.
  • Step2: Place tattoo stickers face down on your skin
  • Step3: Wet the back side of tattoo stickers thoroughly with water.
  • Step4: Apply slight pressure on the back of tattoo stickers
  • Step5: Wait 30 ~50 seconds ensuring the entire tattoo has been transferred completely
  • Step6: Remove the paper
Custom Temporary Tattoos with Metallic, Henna or Watercolor painting style
Custom temporary tattoos are great for parties, club nights, Halloween, gatherings, daily wear, going shopping, wear at beach or swimming pool, concerts, cosplays, birthdays, photoshoots, arts & crafts projects and more
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